Did “Marketing” Killed Your Fire For Your Business? (aka, Death By Marketing)

Have you had this experience… you started out doing something in your business with passion, with fire. You tried to do it justice by learning all the business and marketing stuff on how to make it work, make it better, make it reach more people, make it make you a living… etc. (Whatever that training program […]

How To Integrate Your Intuition With Your Business

Coaches, by nature, are very intuitive and empathetic people. They can deeply “feel” their clients, which enables them to go deep and create impactful transformations. Even though being highly empathetic has some “downside” that can hold some people back from fully “getting out there” (I wrote about it in this post), it can also be turned around and […]

How To Confidently State Your Price, Banish That Awkward Silence In Your Sales Conversation, And Get Paid What You Ask For

Want to learn how to Get More Clients with Ease? Join me for the Radiant Living B Summit and I will show you How To Confidently State Your Price, Banish That Awkward Silence In Your Sales Conversation, And Get Paid What You Ask For. Get your ticket here.

I Thought I Was a Sucky Coach

Clarity is very important to me and I write about it a lot. The problem is, sometimes it’s easy to say “clarity” but are you really getting to the bottom of it all, punching through the blind spots and seeing what you really need to see? Sometimes your logical mind says “I am clear on what […]

Re: Your Itty Bitty Shitty Committee

You are about to do something spectacular, finally step up and step out of what has been confiding you and say YES! to your big dream and big vision. Somehow, with all the excitement about the possibilities, exhilaration around the potentialities, you got the butterflies in the stomach and before you can catch ’em (maybe you […]

To Charge Or Not To Charge For Your “Discovery Sessions”?

This is a question that has been asked over and over again – “should I be charging for my discovery session/enrollment conversation?” There is no “should” – only what is in alignment with You. For most coaches who are starting out, offering “free” sessions can be a great way to get more people into conversation. Not […]

{{ Expert Interview }} Publish Your Book + Score Speaking Gigs

I “met” Barbara Appelbaumn through Facebook – and was so impressed by her energy, enthusiasm and achievement. Even with MS – a challenging health condition, she gets more done than most of us mere mortals… she has self-published her book, and it seems like every week she is telling us how many new speaking gigs […]

{{ Expert Hangout }} How To Talk To Your Spouse About Investing In Your Coaching Business

Talking to their partners or spouses about investing in your business can be a tricky subject for some. It is not just about getting your spouse to say “yes” – it is about getting him/her on board and be supportive of your venture. I am all for discussing such investments in yourself and your business with your spouse. You […]

4 Sales Page Secrets You Probably Don’t Know

I am a geek. I love reading sales pages. Yep, I read them for some good-clean-geek-fun then reread and dissect them for program structure strategies, sales tactics and underlying persuasion principles. My biz coach likes to hit me up to help her with some sales page refining once in a while because unlike other people, […]

The Empath’s Guide to “Getting Out There”

Being an “Empath” is a great asset for coaches – you empathic ability means you can tap into your clients’ deep desires and emotions, creating a connection that is much needed to support powerful transformations. However, it does have its down side if you are not careful with the “boundary” you set up with your […]

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