Get Your Business Plan Done in 2 Hours (or less)

If you are traveling from point A to point B, it would be very helpful to actually know where you are going and what route you are going to take to get to your destination. Same for your business – if you want to stop doing “busy work” that merely gets you running in circles, […]

7 Common Objections To Address In Your Sales Copy

If you are selling programs and products on your website, your sales copy is likely to be the main/only channel through which your potential buyer will learn about your offerings. Besides providing details of what your product and program is about, your sales copy should also answer any objections that you may anticipate your prospects […]

Got an eBook to Sell? 4 Simple Steps to Automate the Process for $0

An eBook or other information products (e.g. home study programs with audio and handout components) are great ways to generate passive income – you do the work, set up the sales and download process, kick back, relax, and get paid – set it and forget it. If you are just starting out and only have […]

Timeline Management for Product or Program Launch

After being a project manager in the digital marketing industry for 10 years, I am pretty sure I know a thing or two about launching stuff. So here are a few thoughts on taming the timeline monster and the tasks dragon… When it comes to launching a product or program, there is usually a deadline, […]

What They Don’t Tell Your About Money Mindset

There are many books, seminars, workshops and coaching programs out there about money and money mindset. And I have been coached, listened, talked, read and journaled till I turned blue – yet nothing much happened. Yeah, yeah, I know the “theories” intellectually, but nothing really “shifted” in my life for a long time… Even when […]

How To Get Your Signature System To Make More Money For You

A lot of coaches have a signature system that they take their clients through step-by-step to solve their problems. Your signature system doesn’t have to stop with your high-end one-on-one or long-term group-coaching program, which you have to spend months to take your clients through the system and implement the changes. You can use the […]

Top 5 Design Tips To Juice Up Your Sales Page

Researches have found that the layout of the sales page affects conversion rate as much as the actual content. Here are a few pointers that you can use to make sure that your sales page “looks good”: Hierarchy: include headline, and subheads to make your content “scan-friendly”. Your reader should be able to glean the […]

Grow Your List Fast – “Invitation” Page the “Quick and Dirty” Way for $0

An “invitation page” is just a page where people come to complete one action and one action alone – sign up to get your free gift and be added to your list. This page is stripped of all distraction – no navigation, no sidebar, no links to other pages. People read about your free gift, […]

3 Ways to Supercharge Your “Resource” Page

We have seen that many service-based websites have a “Resource” page or section. However, it’s a shame to see that many people just jam a bunch of affiliate banners on one page and call it a day. This section, if well put-together, can help you build relationship and generate more income. The content in the […]

I Am Grateful To Have A Business That Supports My Ideal Lifestyle

I want to share how grateful I am for having a business that allows me to live my ideal lifestyle – everyday – while providing me with a generous “full time” income working flexible “part time” hours. This is my typical Wednesday: 9am – ride my Masi Soulville 7 (my “coffee run” bike… my other bike is […]

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