5 Blogging Strategies to Grow Your Biz

Blogging gives you a great opportunity to present yourself and your brand in an authentic and personable way, and allows you to speak directly to your potential and existing clients and customers. Here are a few ideas to use your blog to grow your biz: Post articles that showcase your expertise to position you as […]

5 Facebook Upgrades You Can Do Right Away

Put as much relevant information about your company as you can in the “About” and “Info” sections on your fan/business page. People who want to find out more about your company will look up that link. Make sure you include your website URL and a way to contact you. Use a cover picture that showcases […]

5 Tips To Get Awesome on LinkedIn

You have been connecting with people on LinkedIn, and you have dutifully filled out your profile. You even have your professional-looking picture uploaded (you did, right?) Now what? Set up a company profile with a logo, detailed description of your offerings and links to your website. (www.LinkedIn.com/companies) Ask for recommendations – good recommendations can boost […]

8 Ways Information Products Can Boost Your Business

The idea of creating a product or group program can be intimidating at first, but If you have ever written some articles, blog posts or materials for your coaching programs; or you have done research in your area of expertise and accumulated a good body of knowledge; and you haven’t leveraged the materials to create […]

5 Tips to Boost Your Email Marketing

The time that you spend on putting together your email newsletter should not be just busy work. Your newsletter should help you build a relationship with your tribe and eventually convert your list into clients/customers. There are many facets of using newsletter as a marketing tool to communicate with your potential and existing clients – […]

Pinteresting… 5 Ways to Use Pin Alert + 3 Things You May Have Miss

5 Ways to Use Pin Alert Want to see who is talking about you in the world of Pinterest? Check out Pin Alerts. Similar to Google Alerts, only for Pinterest. It will email you every time your website gets a new pin on Pinterest, and help you keep an eye out on your competitors, so you […]

Using a Freebie to Build Your List? 3 Must-Know Strategies

List building 101 – use a free gift to entice people to sign up to your list. What is a good way to go about choosing the topic? What are the potential formats that your freebie can come in? What to do so that you can save time and effort, and don’t have to reinvent […]

Are Your Potential Clients Listening To You? Create Demand for Your Services.

We have heard a lot how you have to sell the BENEFITS of your products and services to make people buy. Yep, all good, except you can only tell your audience the benefits of your products or services after you get their ATTENTION. To get people to listen up, you need to tell them the […]

Are You Scared of the Unsubscribe Monster?

Many coaches, especially those who are starting out, have the fear of “rejection” in the form of people unsubscribing from their lists. I can totally understand, when your list has only 50 people, 2 people leaving can seem like a lot – and personal. You may start doubting yourself, the value of your work, and the validity […]

Product Launch Secret :: 6 Elements for a Killer Preview Call

If you have seen a few products or program launches, you probably realize that most people use a preview call or webinar to kick off the launch, drive traffic and create buzz. Preview call helps you introduce your program to your potential clients and allow them a chance to get to know you and your […]

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