5 Must-Have Elements for Your Opt-In Free Gift

You are putting together a free gift to entice opt-in – great! You have found out that one “gateway problem” your target market has – something that you can help them with by sharing some tips in a special report that won’t take you a week to create – awesome! You even have the content […]

Create Text Graphics for Pinterest – the Fast, Easy and $0 Way

If you want to share a quote or a piece of health tip on Pinterest, you can put the text into a graphic (in .jpg format), making it “pinnable”. Of course you can do it the deluxe way with Photoshop or InDesign and be a control freak about every little detail. But you don’t have […]

The 3 Letters That Will Get You More Clients

A-S-K! ASK for the business! Yep, that simple… but are you doing it? At Health Fairs, Events and Workshop Presentations After sharing your valuable content… Are you leaving yourself enough time to tell people what you do, how they can benefit from your services and how they can explore a next step with you? Having […]

Create More Demand; Get More Clients

Increase demand for your services by simply taking a look at your positioning. You can get more clients without having to add more products, programs or services, without having to add more letters behind your name, and without having to change anything about your target market. In fact, if you go through this exercise, you […]

Is Your Business Supporting Your Desired Lifestyle?

As we are approaching the end of the year, it’s time to plan for 2013. Find out what lifestyle and income you desire (work 20-hour weeks), then build your business model around that. Not the other way around. – Want to start 2013 with a bang? Schedule a Pick My Brain session to see how […]

6 Strategies to Balance Motherhood and Entrepreneurship

When I started my own business, the intention was to have more freedom and flexibility so that I don’t have to go to a 9-to-5 J.O.B, pay a nanny (at the high Manhattan rate, which meant one-third of my paycheck!) and miss out on watching my son grow up (the math just doesn’t add up, […]

Use Content To Grow Your Health Coaching Practice – Part 5 – Generate Revenue with Launch Content

There are quite a few ways you can generate revenue directly or indirectly by sharing content that is relevant and valuable to your target market. To get the best results, position your content as solution to a specific problem – one that your target market is struggling with. The more result-oriented, the better. You can […]

Grow Your Health Coaching Business Like A Giant Pumpkin!

Turns out growing a giant, 1,000 pound pumpkin and growing a thriving, profitable business have a lot in common!

Stand Out with Your Big Idea

I came across a discussion today about thriving in an increasingly crowded marketplace of health and wellness coaches today. To distinguish yourself from the crowd, you need to know why you and your offerings are unique and position it as such – that is your “Unique Selling Proposition”. You also want to find your “Big […]

Use Content To Grow Your Health Coaching Practice – Part 4 – Drive Quality Traffic to Your Website

The right content shared in the right places with the right strategy can help you reach more people and drive traffic back to your website. Rule #1 – any time your content appears in places other than your website, make sure you point people back to your website. When you write the content on your […]

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