3 Newsletter Success Tips

I have an awesome list – loyal, high quality and responsive. My newsletters make me money. But it does not happen by magic. Effort has gone into building a relationship with my peeps and cultivating the “like, know and trust” factor to result in high open rate and high conversion rate. I can go on and […]

Uplevel Your Success Consciousness

Your words influence your thoughts and your thoughts create your reality. If you make a negative statement about a situation, you lock in the undesirable reality. Your subconscious mind influences your decision and action. It ia also “trained” to find an answer when asked a question. Change your words, change your thoughts, and you can change your […]

Boost Sales with Glowing Testimonials (7 Questions You Can Use)

Social proof, such as testimonials and case studies, are powerful tools that will help you sell your products and programs. They will also boost your expert status. Always include relevant testimonials on a sales page. If you are launching a new product or program, you don’t need testimonials that reference directly to that particular product. You […]

Explode Your List – Website Not Needed!

When people tell me they are not ready to promote their work because they are waiting for their website to be all set up and pretty, I get angry. Yes, a website is your “homebase” for your online marketing, but this tech bit should not hold you back from starting. The ONE THING you should […]

Mailchimp Taught Me a Life Lesson

Be mindful of your thoughts and your words – your point of view and your belief system create your reality.

4 Email Formatting Tips to Make Your Newsletter Rock

You have great content in your email newsletter – good news! BUT, if the formatting of your content does not encourage people to read your newsletter, it’s doing you no good – zip, zero, zilch. So, here are 4 things you want to pay attention to when it comes to formatting your newsletter. No graphic […]

6 Steps to Boost Print Ad ROI

Print Ad Is Not Dead Yet. Funny I am saying this because I am all about online marketing… but that’s true. Print ad is a great way to bridge offline and online marketing, where you can deepen your relationship with your potential clients and generate a sale. Print ad “hangs around” – the piece may […]

How to Overcome Price Objection

I was listening to an audio by Matthew Kimberly on selling over the phone and he talked about how to overcome price objection. (Matthew Kimberly is a sarcastic Brit coach who lives in Malta and curses in his email newsletter… I like to sort out a variety of people to follow so I get difference […]

The 3 C’s of a Revenue-Generating Day

So, what does a productive, revenue-generating day look like? Here is the 3 C’s I will include in every work day to make sure that I am productive and focusing on income-generating tasks and projects: Client Care and Client Acquisition Make my current clients happy is my top priority. Why? It’s more economical to get past […]

Is Your Marketing Driven by Tech? Yes? Wrong Answer!

Here is what drives me nuts… People who are stuck with launching their programs, products, or even newsletter (or a free gift to grow their list) because they can’t figure out the technology part, or the technology that they have access to (or know how to use) currently does not support what they want to […]

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