How To Keep Up Your Momentum

I am not the complain-y type. I believe in personal responsibility and I am super mindful not to fall into the trap of victim mentality. But, if I may share with you, the month of May has been a rough one. There have been days when I felt I needed a fork lift to get […]

The Million Dollar Question

Recently I have some really awesome conversations with folks who signed up for my complimentary strategy sessions. <<Stephanie M. told me afterward that she would pay a few hundred bucks for that kind of sessions and the AHAs she got. If you haven’t grabbed yours already, head over here.>> I love to start the conversation with […]

Mindset Upgrades For Successful Discovery Sessions (= More New Clients!)

A targeted agenda is of course imperative to having a successful discovery session (you can sign up to get the FREE Success Tool Kit for my simple yet effective discovery session agenda template). However, a key component that is very often not mentioned in most trainings is the Money MINDSET and BELIEFS  – which affect the energy that […]

One Killer Question For Your Discovery Session

This is one of my favorite questions to ask in a discovery session: What Do You Want Your Business To Do For YOU? If you are a health coach, you can replace “your business” with “a healthy body”. I find it to be a very powerful question. We often find ourselves “doing things” for our […]

“Unsubscribe-Proof” Yourself

A week ago I sent out an email newsletter in which I somewhat-bluntly spoke my mind. The newsletter went out, and honestly, I had a moment of doubt after that. What if I was being “too honest”? What if it offended some people? Oh, big deal, they won’t like me anymore and they will unsubscribe. […]

How To Stop “Me-Too” Marketing and Take Competition Out Of the Equation

I am sitting down to write this post from a completely honest and vulnerable place. I am sharing what I just experienced in the past month. What I am doing is still work in progress – like life, it’s a trial-and-error. Live, learn and do it better. I am putting this out in the open […]

How To Be Super Productive

People are often surprised at how much I get done in a day after learning that I have two young kids (3.5 yo and 8 mos) and only work 4-5 hours in the afternoon. I don’t do Red Bull, I don’t even drink coffee. I don’t have super power, heck, I don’t even have a […]

How To Stop Sucking At Marketing

Every business is a marketing business. If you don’t market and let the world know how you can serve them (and how they can pay you to serve them) – YOU DON’T HAVE A BUSINESS. Period. Since you have to spend the time and do the work if you want to have a profitable business, […]

How To Write a Client-Attracting Homepage For Your Health Coach Website

If your homepage does not tell your ideal clients that they are in the right place and you have the exact solution they need for their challenges right away, you lose them – plain and simple – their eyes glaze over and they click away. Two things your need to know about your homepage’s content: […]

Get More Clients :: Make Your Website a Lead Magnet

This is old news, but I still see many people not doing it so I have to say it again, again and again. Just having a little box that whispers, “sign up for our newsletter” somewhere below the fold is not going to do you much. Who wants to get one more thing to jam […]

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