Mailchimp Taught Me a Life Lesson

Be mindful of your thoughts and your words – your point of view and your belief system create your reality.

The Opportunity Cost of Not Taking Action

As I was writing the post on how Kerry, a new health coach started her successful business even before she graduates, I really want to make sure that my peeps understand the COST of NOT TAKING ACTION. It’s not just about making $0… it’s about losing the income that you can potentially generate if you […]

How a New Health Coach Started Her Successful Business Before Graduation

Kerry Fleckenstein of Green Fields Health and Wellness is a new health coach who will be graduating from IIN on March 2013. Much kudos to her, she did not wait until she “knows enough” or even graduate before she “Gets Out There”. As of right now (Jan 2013) Kerry is already working out of a space in a […]

6 Strategies to Balance Motherhood and Entrepreneurship

When I started my own business, the intention was to have more freedom and flexibility so that I don’t have to go to a 9-to-5 J.O.B, pay a nanny (at the high Manhattan rate, which meant one-third of my paycheck!) and miss out on watching my son grow up (the math just doesn’t add up, […]

My Head Gunk

Yesterday I was on the phone with a tax advisor about my business structure. I went in thinking we would talk about sole proprietorship vs an LLC, gather enough information to make a decision and move on. As Slideberry is a pretty young business (even though it has a website for about 16 months, it became “serious” […]

Missing Ingredient For “Getting Out There” and Making It Big (aka Successful “Marketing”)?

I have been reading Daring Greatly by Brene Brown. I am only halfway through, but I can’t wait to share this with you. This is a book about vulnerability, about living Wholeheartedly, about putting yourself out there and be all of you. It’s not about being right, it’s about living life to the fullest. This […]

What They Don’t Tell Your About Money Mindset

There are many books, seminars, workshops and coaching programs out there about money and money mindset. And I have been coached, listened, talked, read and journaled till I turned blue – yet nothing much happened. Yeah, yeah, I know the “theories” intellectually, but nothing really “shifted” in my life for a long time… Even when […]

I Am Grateful To Have A Business That Supports My Ideal Lifestyle

I want to share how grateful I am for having a business that allows me to live my ideal lifestyle – everyday – while providing me with a generous “full time” income working flexible “part time” hours. This is my typical Wednesday: 9am – ride my Masi Soulville 7 (my “coffee run” bike… my other bike is […]

From Freaked Out to Focus and Inspired Action

February was an awesome month for Slideberry – more folks were reaching out to me regarding coaching programs and consulting services, Done-For-You Home Study Program series was launched, mailing list went through another growth spurt, Done-For-You materials were flying off the shelves, and I just got so jazzed researching and writing up blog posts for the […]

Upgrade Your Mindset for Success – 3 Simple Tips That Make A Big Difference

Proper goal setting is only one part of achieving your goals. Sometimes, I see people who are super-determined to achieve their goals, have all the coaches, programs and products lined up to help them do the work, only to find themselves being stuck at some point and unable to move forward to achieve what they set […]

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