4 Steps To End “Starting Out” Overwhelm in Your Business

Recently I had quite a few people telling me that they are starting out and feeling overwhelmed – they are in the land of information overload, they have limited time and resources, they have been spinning their wheels with few results, and they don’t know where to begin. They feel scattered, and they lack focus. […]

Get Out of the Rut – What’s In Your “Survival ToolBox”?

Getting into a rut or feeling stuck is par for the course when you run you own business. Sometimes these moments, feelings and emotions are great hints on what you need to work on, what you areas of improvement can be. Embrace them, see what you can learn from the experience, but also take action […]

Don’t Charge What You Are Worth (+ Get Confident Stating Your Price)

“Charge what you are worth” has become a very commonly used phrase among business coaches. (it’s so cliche…) Here is the thing. The money people pay you has NOTHING to do with your self-worth. In fact, if you tie how much your clients are paying you to the idea of “what you are worth”, you […]

How To Keep Up Your Momentum

I am not the complain-y type. I believe in personal responsibility and I am super mindful not to fall into the trap of victim mentality. But, if I may share with you, the month of May has been a rough one. There have been days when I felt I needed a fork lift to get […]

How To Stop Sucking At Marketing

Every business is a marketing business. If you don’t market and let the world know how you can serve them (and how they can pay you to serve them) – YOU DON’T HAVE A BUSINESS. Period. Since you have to spend the time and do the work if you want to have a profitable business, […]

Broccoli, Allergy and Success

My husband was sneezing up a storm the other day – allergy season and riding his bike outdoors doesn’t help. During dinner, I told him eating leafy greens and broccoli can help – according to an article by Dr. John Doulliard. Incidentally, there is broccoli on the table. My husband picked up ONE piece of broccoli, ate […]

Pickle, Hoisin Sauce and Living Life My Way

Stop Living On Autopilot Although having grown up in Hong Kong and eating Chinese food for the first 19 years of my life, I rarely used hoisin sauce because my mom never bought it for our home (not sure why, probably my parent’s taste buds!) It was not until I met my husband when I […]

Me, the Gremlin Slayer

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to my business coach about revamping my coaching offerings. When we got to the pricing bit, I fessed up that I felt uncertain, shaky, scared, butterfly in the stomach  I knew there was some mindset work I needed to do before I could tackle the “practical” piece of […]

3 Principles + 15 Months = 6 Figure

A few days ago I shared my updated “About” page and got some great responses – including folks who asked me how I brought Slideberry to hit the 6-figure mark in just 15 months, while having 2 kids and working 25-hour weeks. There is no “get rich quick” scheme. There is no magic potion. There […]

Uplevel Your Success Consciousness

Your words influence your thoughts and your thoughts create your reality. If you make a negative statement about a situation, you lock in the undesirable reality. Your subconscious mind influences your decision and action. It ia also “trained” to find an answer when asked a question. Change your words, change your thoughts, and you can change your […]

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