The Second Between “1” and “Cross the Line”

I just got back from a sweaty spinning class with my fav instructor. During the hard efforts, he would do a count down towards the end, “4, 3, 2, 1, cross the line.” My challenge is not the first 40 seconds of the effort. It is the ONE second between “1” and “cross the line”. […]

Metrics Are Great, Until They Are Not :: the Right Knowledge and Mindset To Supercharge Those Numbers

I am a sucker for numbers. Metrics, data, measurements. These are great stuff, they show you where you are, how things have been working for you, what to tweak, what to do more of and what you can drop to save some time, effort and money. If you want these numbers to really fuel the […]

The Difference Between “$100 Per Month” vs. “$3,000 For Six Months”

When Josie first started working with me in the Platinum coaching program, she was charging something like $80 per session. After a couple of months on getting clear on her market, her expertise and her message, we honed in on her program and she raised her fee to $2,500 for a 4-month private coaching program […]

Are You Working In Your Zone Of Genius?

When I first started slideberry, I did quite a bit of website work for my clients. When I helped my clients put their website content together and then do the build work for them, I realized  I am really darn good at the strategy and marketing stuff. I could geek out on it all day […]

The TRUTH About Your Marketing, Website, Program, Sales Page, Pricing…

IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU!! I found myself repeating this concept to my clients all week – whether they are working on their marketing, their sales page, their programs, their pricing or even their mindset. So I take it as a sign that I should share this with you as well. Your Marketing Message Is NOT […]

How To Write a Blog Post In 20 Minutes (Or Less)

I just wrote a 600-word blog post (and submitted it to article directory) in 20 minutes. I generated 4 blog post ideas while sweating in the steam room yesterday. I bang out sales pages for fun. I don’t have any magic formula (except I type fast) – English is not even my mother tongue. I […]

One Sentence To Get You “Launching”

If you have been “thinking” about launching a program or product, but have been sitting on it for a while… are you telling yourself something like this: “I have to wait till ________ before I can put this out into the world.”? Are you being held back by the illusion that somehow, everything can be […]

4 Pillars To CONFIDENTLY Get Paid What You Want

You KNOW you are awesome and bring exceptional transformation to your clients – worth every single penny and a lot more – yet you come up against a lot of resistance when it comes to raising your fees. In fact, you have been saying (and been told numerous times) you need to charge more… yet […]

How To Stop Hovering and Start Rocking – Your Life and Your Biz

It was 15 months into my biz.  Things were plugging along. I built a solid online business that allows me to leverage my time beautifully so I can hang with my 10-month-old and chase after my 3.5-year-old. But deep down, I knew there is more. And I want more. I want to grow – to […]

Think Outside the Box, But Don’t Toss It Out Yet!

I am a bit of a rebel. I am an explorer at heart. Once I backpacked Scandinavia with a friend. We decided to hop on a plane to go to Iceland… with NO freaking idea where we were going to stay, what currency they use, what language they speak, what the heck we are going […]

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