How I Recovered $6,591 From My Hard Drive, and You Can Too

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Business Soulwork Gives Me a Hangover

I have no idea where the f*** to begin. So I am just going to write. It’s been a heart-hollowing, gut-wrenching hell of a week. Nothing happened in my outside world, but my inner landscape has been turned upside down, over and over again (and I get motion sickness easily…) It’s hard too, because it’s […]

Re: Your Itty Bitty Shitty Committee

You are about to do something spectacular, finally step up and step out of what has been confiding you and say YES! to your big dream and big vision. Somehow, with all the excitement about the possibilities, exhilaration around the potentialities, you got the butterflies in the stomach and before you can catch ’em (maybe you […]

How To Follow Up (and Get the Client!) After a Discovery Session

Many coaches are great at connecting with potential clients. They do very well in the part of the discovery session/enrollment conversation where they find out what the clients’ challenges are and how they can help them. It becomes trickier when “money talk” hits – not only talking “money” makes them nervous, it also throws them off so much […]

Get the F*** Outta Here

We all have fears. It’s part of being human. But we don’t have to be controlled by our fears. We can be aware of them, acknowledge them, and release them. It’s not a one-time magic pill kind of thing. Releasing and taming your fears takes willingness, awareness, and stick-to-it-ness. Our deeply rooted fears don’t even […]

Are You Pedaling Too Hard In Your Business?

Last Thursday, I took a impromptu trip up to Monetary Bay area to take part in the Sea Otter (cycling) festivities. <Side note: it’s really nice to have a business structured in a way so I can do this kind of trips, and be able to pay for it!> 2 days and 80 miles later, […]

How To Get Noticed By Your Ideal Clients (You Don’t Have To Wear a Tutu)

People ask me all the time, “how do I find my ideal clients?” The “practical”/left brain answer is – find out where your ideal clients/herd/peeps/community/fans hang out, and then share your stuff (content, input, opinions, the occasional offering) there. ok, easy enough. So why are people still flopping around trying to get noticed? So let’s […]

5 Tips To Make Your Email Communications Look Professional

I am a pixel police. I am anal. I can’t stand poorly-crafted emails. It’s not just about the form. It says even more about how seriously you are taking your work. It is a reflection of your self-confidence. A poorly crafted email begs the question: Is this coaching business just an expensive hobby? If your […]

What Is Really Causing Your Procrastination?

You sit down at your computer, with great plans to write a newsletter, that blog post, the new program or a sales page…  what happened next was paying the bills, checking Facebook, looking at Pinstagram, emailing to set up playdate, oh and how about this really great-sounding training? 2 hours later, whatever you set out […]

3 Diets To Dig Yourself Out Of the Comparison Trap

You know you have fallen into the Comparison Trap when you spend hours on the interwebs looking at your “competitors”. And feeling you should be doing this or launching that. And being “jealous” of how well others are doing. And beating yourself up because you are not doing the 12 other things you see 10 […]

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