3 Secrets to Building a Loyal List of Returning Clients

People who have bought from you are 40% more likely to buy from you again (I assume you have awesome products and services, right?) The average cost of generating sales from existing clients/customers is lower than the cost of generating and getting sales from new leads Cultivating a list of loyal and returning clients and […]

Use Content To Grow Your Health Coaching Practice – Part 2 – List Building

Having a list of qualified prospects to whom you can communicate consistently is a great way to cultivate relationships that lead to sales. These days, most people have more emails than they want in their inbox everyday – so just saying “Sign up for our newsletter” is simply not enough – it’s like saying, enter […]

5 Tips to Boost Your Email Marketing

The time that you spend on putting together your email newsletter should not be just busy work. Your newsletter should help you build a relationship with your tribe and eventually convert your list into clients/customers. There are many facets of using newsletter as a marketing tool to communicate with your potential and existing clients – […]

Using a Freebie to Build Your List? 3 Must-Know Strategies

List building 101 – use a free gift to entice people to sign up to your list. What is a good way to go about choosing the topic? What are the potential formats that your freebie can come in? What to do so that you can save time and effort, and don’t have to reinvent […]

Are You Scared of the Unsubscribe Monster?

Many coaches, especially those who are starting out, have the fear of “rejection” in the form of people unsubscribing from their lists. I can totally understand, when your list has only 50 people, 2 people leaving can seem like a lot – and personal. You may start doubting yourself, the value of your work, and the validity […]

Grow Your List Fast – “Invitation” Page the “Quick and Dirty” Way for $0

An “invitation page” is just a page where people come to complete one action and one action alone – sign up to get your free gift and be added to your list. This page is stripped of all distraction – no navigation, no sidebar, no links to other pages. People read about your free gift, […]

Ok, I Have A Freebie… Now What? 7 List-Building Ideas Using Your Free Gift

Yes, the money is in the list. If you want to create a one-to-many model for your business (i.e. leveraging products and programs = more freedom and flexibility for you) you do need a high-quality list that you can communicate to. I recently heard from a business coach that 1,000 is the tipping point for […]

5 Elements of a Successful Freebie

We all know that simply putting a “Sign up here to get our free email newsletter” box on your side bar is NOT ENOUGH to entice people (except your mom and your cat) to give you their email address in exchange for more “stuff” in their already overflowing inbox. You need to offer a free […]

Surefire Formula for Free Gift Opt-In Box

Creating a free gift opt-in is a great way to entice new potential clients to sign up to receive your newsletter and other promotions. People are getting more and more discrete when giving out their email addresses – simply a sign up box asking for email and name is usually not enough to give folks […]

Building Your List with Live Presentations

Of course you have a newsletter sign up sheet with you when you do a live presentation. But you want to make sure people sign up – so offer them something. Mention that you have a top 10 tips article in PDF format on the topic that you just presented (maybe you don’t include the […]

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