End Overwhelm :: Fastest Path To Cash With JUST {3+1} Things (They Are Much Simpler Than You Think!)

If you are starting your coaching business and feel overwhelmed to the point of analysis-paralysis – I get it – been there, done that. No fault of yours. With all the information overload, programs and trainings out there, it is easy to get confused and feel drowned. Too many “should’s” – whether it’s a training on website, […]

Please Don’t Be a Robo-Coach

I have created a lot of Done-For-You content for health and wellness coaches/practitioners. During my maniac product-creation phrase, I have come across the idea of a done-for-you signature system many times but for some reason unknown to me back then, I could not do it. My creation process is very intuitive and if I drag my feet on a […]

When To Toss That Signature System Out the Window

I am a huge fan of signature system – all my coaching clients benefit tremendously through the process of putting theirs together. It helps them clarify their niche, claim their expertise, and increase their confidence as a coach. It also helps them boost their expert status and confidently raise their fees. But yesterday, during a […]

How To Turn Your Expertise From “Meh” To “YEAH!” (No, you don’t need more alphabets behind your name)

Your People + Their Problems + Your Super Power = Your Sweet Spot Some business coaches would “ding” your “sweet spot” if it’s not something people want to pay to solve yesterday at first glance, and advise you to (or make you) “find something else”. What if it doesn’t have to be that way? What […]

How To Get Noticed By Your Ideal Clients (You Don’t Have To Wear a Tutu)

People ask me all the time, “how do I find my ideal clients?” The “practical”/left brain answer is – find out where your ideal clients/herd/peeps/community/fans hang out, and then share your stuff (content, input, opinions, the occasional offering) there. ok, easy enough. So why are people still flopping around trying to get noticed? So let’s […]

How She Got 9 New Clients In 3 Weeks ($20k Revenue) :: Client Spotlight

My platinum client Kristie Rosser has a hormone therapy practice with a healthy client load. However, she was exhausted because her main source of revenue was working with patients 1:1 on a per-consultation model, essentially trading hours for dollars. She wanted to incorporate more wellness and lifestyle coaching into her work, and structure her business […]

Why “Templates + Checklists” Are Not Enough To Write Killer Sales Copy

Many clients I have worked with see “copywriting” as something scary – even though they do just fine writing anything else, they would “freeze” when it comes to writing a sales page. It’s actually not that bad at all, once you recognize the inner workings of good copywriting. (I can do it, you can do […]

Beyond “Testimonials” – Brag Your Way To More Clients

Social proof is a great way to help you sell your products and services. Your potential clients want to be reassured that others (especially “people like them”) are getting awesome results with your services. They want to see that other people are “doing it” as well. Social proof is way more convincing than you saying […]

6 Secrets To Ace Your Enrollment Conversations (Not Found In “Scripts” You Get In Training Programs)

There is no lack of trainings and programs out there teaching you how to conduct a discovery session (breakthrough session, strategy session, enrollment conversation, whatever you call that “getting the client to work with you talk”.) These trainings may call the different components in the conversation different things (like, the island of pain and the […]

Is Your Coaching Program Heirloom Kale?

The other day I picked up a couple bunches of heirloom kale from the farmer’s market. I decided to give it a try because it’s got a fancy name. I *think* it tasted better (like, more kale-y)… or maybe I gave it more care when I cooked it. So, what does it gotta do with […]

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