How To Quickly “Seed” Your Email List From Scratch

If you are starting a new business, transitioning to a new business (that has very little to do with your old one) or changing the way you run your business (e.g. from local, in-person practice to an online model), one of the trickier things can be your list-building and email marketing efforts. If you just […]

How To Set Up and Price Your Email Coaching Program

Many health an wellness coaches/practitioners have implemented slideberry’s DONE-FOR-YOU 21 Days of Wellness Email Coaching Program with great results. It’s one of our all-time-favs and I field many questions about pricing and implementation so I am sharing my 2 cents here on the different ways and factors affecting the pricing and set up of your email coaching […]

“Unsubscribe-Proof” Yourself

A week ago I sent out an email newsletter in which I somewhat-bluntly spoke my mind. The newsletter went out, and honestly, I had a moment of doubt after that. What if I was being “too honest”? What if it offended some people? Oh, big deal, they won’t like me anymore and they will unsubscribe. […]

3 Newsletter Success Tips

I have an awesome list – loyal, high quality and responsive. My newsletters make me money. But it does not happen by magic. Effort has gone into building a relationship with my peeps and cultivating the “like, know and trust” factor to result in high open rate and high conversion rate. I can go on and […]

4 Email Formatting Tips to Make Your Newsletter Rock

You have great content in your email newsletter – good news! BUT, if the formatting of your content does not encourage people to read your newsletter, it’s doing you no good – zip, zero, zilch. So, here are 4 things you want to pay attention to when it comes to formatting your newsletter. No graphic […]

The 3 Letters That Will Get You More Clients

A-S-K! ASK for the business! Yep, that simple… but are you doing it? At Health Fairs, Events and Workshop Presentations After sharing your valuable content… Are you leaving yourself enough time to tell people what you do, how they can benefit from your services and how they can explore a next step with you? Having […]

3 Secrets to Building a Loyal List of Returning Clients

People who have bought from you are 40% more likely to buy from you again (I assume you have awesome products and services, right?) The average cost of generating sales from existing clients/customers is lower than the cost of generating and getting sales from new leads Cultivating a list of loyal and returning clients and […]

Use Content Marketing To Grow Your Health Coaching Practice – Part 1 – Email Marketing (Newsletter)

Sending out newsletter to your list is one of the best way to cultivate the “like know and trust” factor, build a relationship with your audience, and lead people to eventually engage your services or buy from you. There are many factors that contribute to successful email marketing, and the right kind of content is […]

5 Tips to Boost Your Email Marketing

The time that you spend on putting together your email newsletter should not be just busy work. Your newsletter should help you build a relationship with your tribe and eventually convert your list into clients/customers. There are many facets of using newsletter as a marketing tool to communicate with your potential and existing clients – […]

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