Is Your Marketing Driven by Tech? Yes? Wrong Answer!

Here is what drives me nuts… People who are stuck with launching their programs, products, or even newsletter (or a free gift to grow their list) because they can’t figure out the technology part, or the technology that they have access to (or know how to use) currently does not support what they want to […]

The Opportunity Cost of Not Taking Action

As I was writing the post on how Kerry, a new health coach started her successful business even before she graduates, I really want to make sure that my peeps understand the COST of NOT TAKING ACTION. It’s not just about making $0… it’s about losing the income that you can potentially generate if you […]

How a New Health Coach Started Her Successful Business Before Graduation

Kerry Fleckenstein of Green Fields Health and Wellness is a new health coach who will be graduating from IIN on March 2013. Much kudos to her, she did not wait until she “knows enough” or even graduate before she “Gets Out There”. As of right now (Jan 2013) Kerry is already working out of a space in a […]

Sales Page Secret: How to Sell the “Features” of Your Program (My Geek Revelation)

I often do this geeky thing, without me even realizing, when I open packages of things that I buy – even for baby bottle and toddler toothbrush – I read the “features” on the packaging. In fact, as a kid growing up in Hong Kong with Chinese as my everyday language, I learn a lot […]

Start Video Marketing Today Without Fancy Equipment (a.k.a. Imperfect Action vs Perfect Inaction)

I started using video to share ideas a couple of months ago. I decided that instead of waiting to have all the tools and equipement, waiting for my 4-month-old son to give me 45 minutes to set it all up, waiting to find a piece of wall without  my 3-year-old’s stickers, or a patch of […]

7 Goals for a Successful Preview/Launch Call

Launching your program or product with a preview call or webinar is a great idea because it will help you grow a list of targeted prospects, generate buzz, create anticipation and position you as an expert. It will also give people a taste of who you are and what you are offering, making the purchasing […]

Use Content To Grow Your Health Coaching Practice – Part 6 – Grow Your List While Making Money

A low price point information product can be a great way to attract potential clients, grow a quality list while generating some income. Here are a few ideas to do so: Grow quality list with low price-point product – you can create an entry-level information product and price it very affordably to attract new clients […]

Delight Your Clients and Set Yourself Up For Success

A little holiday message, a big thank you, and a little secret to delighting your clients… Asking your clients what they want so that you can provide the products and services to meet their needs is the best way to set your business up for success. Not only will your clients feel that they are […]

The 3 Letters That Will Get You More Clients

A-S-K! ASK for the business! Yep, that simple… but are you doing it? At Health Fairs, Events and Workshop Presentations After sharing your valuable content… Are you leaving yourself enough time to tell people what you do, how they can benefit from your services and how they can explore a next step with you? Having […]

Create More Demand; Get More Clients

Increase demand for your services by simply taking a look at your positioning. You can get more clients without having to add more products, programs or services, without having to add more letters behind your name, and without having to change anything about your target market. In fact, if you go through this exercise, you […]

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