6 Ways To Showcase Your LOCAL Expert Status On Your Website

When I conduct any consultation, the first questions I ask are about my clients’ business model, how they want to work with clients and what do they want their businesses to do FOR them. Some of my clients realize that they enjoy working with people in their communities through in-person coaching. This doesn’t mean that […]

7 Steps To F.R.E.E.D.O.M. & Success In Your Business

There are many moving parts in building a successful business – many of which depends on your vision, your business model and how you want to share your gift with the world. Here are 7 steps that I have personally taken for my business, and experienced a lot of success: Find Your Brilliance – get […]

Broccoli, Allergy and Success

My husband was sneezing up a storm the other day – allergy season and riding his bike outdoors doesn’t help. During dinner, I told him eating leafy greens and broccoli can help – according to an article by Dr. John Doulliard. Incidentally, there is broccoli on the table. My husband picked up ONE piece of broccoli, ate […]

Me, the Gremlin Slayer

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to my business coach about revamping my coaching offerings. When we got to the pricing bit, I fessed up that I felt uncertain, shaky, scared, butterfly in the stomach  I knew there was some mindset work I needed to do before I could tackle the “practical” piece of […]

Day In Life Of Your Friendly Neighborhood 6-Fig Biz Coach

… is much less glam than you think. With a 3.5-year-old and a 6.5-month-old (both sons!!), I smell like sour milk and feel very lucky if I don’t trip over toy cars on any given day. {Activities in Italic are the ones that actually move the business forward} 05.45 – Mr. 6.5 mo thinks sleep is overrated. […]

3 Principles + 15 Months = 6 Figure

A few days ago I shared my updated “About” page and got some great responses – including folks who asked me how I brought Slideberry to hit the 6-figure mark in just 15 months, while having 2 kids and working 25-hour weeks. There is no “get rich quick” scheme. There is no magic potion. There […]

Boost Sales with Glowing Testimonials (7 Questions You Can Use)

Social proof, such as testimonials and case studies, are powerful tools that will help you sell your products and programs. They will also boost your expert status. Always include relevant testimonials on a sales page. If you are launching a new product or program, you don’t need testimonials that reference directly to that particular product. You […]

6 Steps to Boost Print Ad ROI

Print Ad Is Not Dead Yet. Funny I am saying this because I am all about online marketing… but that’s true. Print ad is a great way to bridge offline and online marketing, where you can deepen your relationship with your potential clients and generate a sale. Print ad “hangs around” – the piece may […]

How to Overcome Price Objection

I was listening to an audio by Matthew Kimberly on selling over the phone and he talked about how to overcome price objection. (Matthew Kimberly is a sarcastic Brit coach who lives in Malta and curses in his email newsletter… I like to sort out a variety of people to follow so I get difference […]

The 3 C’s of a Revenue-Generating Day

So, what does a productive, revenue-generating day look like? Here is the 3 C’s I will include in every work day to make sure that I am productive and focusing on income-generating tasks and projects: Client Care and Client Acquisition Make my current clients happy is my top priority. Why? It’s more economical to get past […]

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