The Question that Keeps You Stuck

By Mary Cravets I recently taught a teleclass that focused on tracking activity so that business owners could get clear on exactly how to spend their limited time and resources. The key to the process was to reflect on past positive results and uncover the specific actions that led to those repeated successes. When I asked […]

Free Yourself From the Biggest Time-Sucker

By Mary Cravets The other day, I found myself stressed to the max because my email inbox kept piling up. I was checking it all the time, and fearing the overwhelming build-up of messages. Then I stopped myself, because I realized the urgency was entirely in my head. In order to reality check the situation, […]

How to Make Everything Easier For Your Coaching Business (seriously!)

By Mary Cravets Any time you encounter confusion, stress, or indecision, I have a tip that can help every single time. Seriously. Simply ask yourself, “Am I open to the possibility for this to be easy?” Some examples: Stressed out about a deadline? Ask yourself, “Am I open to the possibility that it could be […]

Supplementing Your Coaching Income By Incorporating Products You Believe In

by Alison Price Although we can all agree that no “magic bullet supplement” can replace a clean, wholefoods diet, there are certainly excellent natural products available to support health. For example, it may be that your client has a specific need for extra antioxidants, requires some detox support or maybe they can’t stomach the thought […]

3 Benefits to Hosting a Telesummit

By Priscilla Stephan Telesummits have become a very popular business building tool. When executed correctly, a telesummit can quickly increase your credibility and visibility. Having completed my first online event earlier this year, I wanted to share with you 3 reasons to consider hosting your own telesummit that can rock your business and your message. […]

How To Find Corporate Wellness Opportunities

By Kris Roach In the world of corporate wellness there are many outside companies going after the business including health insurance companies as well as third party wellness businesses.  The benefit we have as a holistic health coach is that we speak a different language. We care about the whole person…mind, body and spirit. We […]

6 Common Mistakes Health Coaches Make with their Facebook Pages (and how to fix them)

By Sean Flanagan  1)     Barely using your fan page but posting tons of health content on your personal page.  This is all well and good when it comes to delivering value to people who are your friends – assuming you’re not being obnoxious about it – but you’re really limiting how far your messages can get if […]

Integrating Essential Oils Into Your Health Coaching Practice

by Terry Pilch As a Certified Health Counselor, I appreciate it when I discover tools that help my clients improve their health and find natural solutions that bring a sense of peace and wellbeing. I have recently discovered the world of essential oils. Essential oils are the volatile liquids that are distilled from plants, including […]

Breaking Into Corporate Wellness Part 1

by Kris Roach I stumbled into Corporate Wellness when a friend told me to connect with Room and Board Corporate office. They are known for their progressive wellness program and with an inside contact I was able to book a phone conversation with the HR director in charge of their wellness program. I went into […]

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