{{ Expert Hangout }} How To Run Your Virtual Coaching Program

In this expert hangout, I interviewed Diahana Barnes on how to use online tools to run a virtual group coaching program. She is the author of the ebook “How to Design Virtual Coaching Workshops” in which she shows you how to use the various online tools and how to structure your virtual program – including […]

{{ Expert Interview }} Mastering Thyroid Imbalance for Health Coaches

For this installment of Expert Interview, I chatted with Robin Arutt – Clinical Herbalist, Certified Health Coach, and Thyroid Expert. After struggling with thyroid health personally, I understand how important this knowledge is because most of the time, thyroid imbalance just makes us “feel off”. Unless you know to request a full thyroid panel, a regular […]

{{ Expert Interview }} Publish Your Book + Score Speaking Gigs

I “met” Barbara Appelbaumn through Facebook – and was so impressed by her energy, enthusiasm and achievement. Even with MS – a challenging health condition, she gets more done than most of us mere mortals… she has self-published her book, and it seems like every week she is telling us how many new speaking gigs […]

{{ Expert Hangout }} How To Talk To Your Spouse About Investing In Your Coaching Business

Talking to their partners or spouses about investing in your business can be a tricky subject for some. It is not just about getting your spouse to say “yes” – it is about getting him/her on board and be supportive of your venture. I am all for discussing such investments in yourself and your business with your spouse. You […]

{{ Expert Interview }} Talk To The Hand (and Find Your Big Bucks)

I am sooooo thrilled when Denise agreed to do an interview with me. We “met” through a hand analysis (on my gift marks), and very quickly I got sucked into her world (love love love her newsletters… they are like gems of truth in my inbox) and started working with her in a soul-digging program that […]

{{ EPIC Hangout }} “What The STUCK?” How To Get Everything You Really (Secretly) Want!

This is the most fun hangout I have ever done! Marcie and I just jammed for 45 minutes (we could go on for another two hours, but didn’t, for our listener’s sanity and our kids’ wellbeing…) – she is pure awesomeness and you are going to LOVE this conversation if you dig my Business Soulwork […]

{{ Expert Hangout }} Irresistible Website Essentials With Jess Webb

June Gloom is hitting the always sunny Santa Monica. But it doesn’t mean you need to feel sad about your website! I just had an awesome interview with my biz girlfriend Jess Webb, who is the Web-Marketing Goddess Extraordinaire. Watch this video to see us geek out on: What the biggest mistake entrepreneurs are making […]

{{ Expert Hangout }} Grow Your Coaching Business With Mobile App

Do you find yourself GLUED to your smart phone all the time? Yeah, me too. Mobile app is the next frontier, and has become more and more prominent in the marketing landscape. I had a chat with mobile app expert Lindsey Witmer Collins, who has built many mobile apps for coaches. (yay me, figured out how […]

Increase Your Exposure, Up Your Visibility and Boost Your Expert Status By Contributing To Publications

On a super hot lazy Friday afternoon, I had the opportunity to speak with Jennifer Meador, CHHC, AADP, about her digital publication the Health Coach Home. Besides sharing some great tips on contributing content to a digital publication, Jennifer also offered slideberry peeps an opportunity to contribute to her magazine (at no cost to you!) […]

A Perfect Match: Wellness Pros and Pinterest

by Melanie Deardorff Unless you’ve been hiding in the woods and living off the grid, you know that Pinterest burst on to the social media scene in a huge way. Businesses of all types – from huge brands, to mom-and-pop stores, to solopreneurs – use Pinterest to get their messages out in a visually compelling […]

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