Done-For-You Content + Marketing Materials For Heath & Wellness Pros

Do you wish you could have content designed STRATEGICALLY, that
boosts your marketing and increases your REVENUE, at your finger tips?

  • Are you starting out and need a load of content pronto?
  • Are you holding a couple of jobs and just don’t have time to write?
  • Are you running a booming coaching practice and simply don’t want (or have time) to do the content research and development?
  • Or, you just simply don’t like to write?

Slideberry’s Done-For-You materials will save you a boat load of sweat and stress.

Here, we are not just about writing stuff.

It’s about using content *strategically* to

Unlike other business coaches or private label services, Slideberry integrates smart business strategies and impactful coaching with high quality, field-tested Done-For-You content that are designed for marketing and business building in the health coaching field.

You get products, services and guidance that integrate with each other seamlessly to help you build a client-attracting, income-generating business within a short period of time.

If you have taken any marketing and business training or program, you know that after learning the tactics and strategies, you still have to roll up your sleeves and write the content before you can execute those ideas! With our materials, your “get out there” timeline will be shortened significantly.

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Done-For-You Content + Plug-and-Play Promo Copy + Smart Strategies

All of Slideberry’s Done-For-You materials come in completely editable .docx or .pptx format, and are completely customizable. Of course you can grab the file, add your name and logo and use the content as is.

We do encourage you to add your own personal touch and your unique approach/philosophy to the content so that you create a much more branded experience for your clients and customers. (There are prompts in the content to remind you to add your own voice!) – see how to Get the Biggest Bangs For Your Bucks.

There is no “copyright string” attached as long as you use the materials for your own practice. You can see the usage rights policy here.

Join Those Who Are Already Rocking It

Simone S pic“I have purchased a LOT of Slideberry’s done-for-you materials, and used them successfully in heaps of different ways. The Done-For-You articles provide me with content for my weekly newsletters and blogs and tid-bits to share on Facebook and Twitter, so I never lack inspiration to share with my tribe. The [ROCK YOUR DETOX] System helped me to run a very successful group detox including a preview teleseminar series that **added 300 new subscribers to my list**. I also repurposed  the detox materials to create a report that bring me **at least 5 new subscribers every week** when they download it. The 21 Days Of Wellness [Email Coaching Program] materials have formed the foundation for an online course  I run as an evergreen product that brings me **passive income every week**

The materials have helped me increase my list size, increase my income and helped me  build community effortlessly, as I haven’t had to wrack my brains coming up with editorial content and I have saved time on preparing materials that would have otherwise taken me forever to put together myself. 

Ling’s materials are so easy to use in many different ways, and it is also easy to use the content as inspiration and to then put your own slant and voice into it, making it unique. Ling has been a godsend for me as I build my business while also working full time. I could have done it myself, but not having to has given me more time to work on the things that really matter, and I have seen my business soar in the last 6 months.”

~ Simone Samuels, Certified Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach, The Wellness Warung


kerry“Slideberry allowed me to have programs that were more professional and easily marketed within a reasonable amount of time. By using the Done-For-You programs I am more comfortable offering multiple programs, workshops etc. It allows me to progress and expand and takes some of the work out of it. It takes a long time to set up your business and put together content. I am working out of space at a Chiropractors office and this let me have programs and services to offer right off the bat.

Slideberry’s Done-For-You materials give me many more options and ways to reach potential clients than saying ‘I have a 6 month  program.’ I can offer a 21-day email program (great as a incentive give-away etc.) Material for presentations (the hardest thing to put together in my opinion) and it got me start creating audio programs which would have been a distant thought without Slideberry’s Done-For-You New Year Group Program.

I have been tremendously satisfied with the materials that I have ordered. So far I have put together the 21-day email program and it has been going out for a week. This has been wonderful and it was easy to make it my own and launch.

For the most part I use Slideberry’s materials as a way to make all my extra money and help me to have content to offer above and beyond my typical “signature” program. It has allowed me to start to be successful as a new Health Coach just about to graduate. I thank you it has taken a lot of the stress out of getting started.”

~ Kerry Fleckenstein, Green Fields Health and Wellness


Terra 21 Days-2


“I have purchased several of Slideberry’s Done-For-You [information] products and have been pleased with how easy it is to make them my own.  The content is in depth, yet clear.  The 10-Day Metabolic Detox Program has made it so easy for me to jump right in and start advertising my program to clients.  I’m sure it would have taken me weeks to do the research to do this program without Ling’s help.
Thank you for making my life a little easier Ling!  I look forward to working with you again in the future.”

– Teri Whitchurch, AADP, HHC, CNC, CHEF, CMT, CPT, LE, LM

“I want to thank Slideberry for being such an awsome resource. Her Done-For-You materials have eliminated a lot of the guess work in having to reinvent the wheel. Thank you Slideberry”

– Juneous Pettijohn, MPH, Transforming U, LLC -Founder/Owner, Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT-200), Certified Life Coach


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