Build Your Business with Ease – What Makes You Tick?

Defining your mission and getting clear on your vision can help you navigate the challenges of being an entrepreneur – facing numerous choices, juggling limited resources, staying on course despite what your competitors may be doing (and not necessarily serve your highest purpose).

Here is a journaling exercise I learned from Anastasia Netri – it helps me discover what makes me tick, so that I can get myself out of the comparison trap and start doing what truly resonates with me.

  1. People always seem to be asking me for support with _______________
  2. I have always sense that my mission is to _______________
  3. When I am fulfilling my mission, it does _______________ for me
  4. When I have , it does _______________ for me
  5. The reason I am driven to this mission is because _______________
  6. The way I can always connect with my mission is _______________
  7. When I feel scared, I can get support from _______________
  8. I know this mission will _______________
  9. The universe supports me because _______________
  10. I am the most powerful when I _______________

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