“Build Your Done-For-You Content Empire” Mentoring Program

Are you a coach, consultant, practitioner or service provider who has your business plugging along,
and want to add an additional stream of passive income by leveraging your current business and network?

Do you want to create a Lucrative Ripple Effect by helping people help more people?


Early Action Tuition ends in:

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Before I share this BRAND NEW List-Exclusive opportunity to help you leverage your current business and network to build an additional stream of income, I want to tell you my story.

About 3 years ago, I devised a business model that can be run really lean and mean, from anywhere in the world. It is not an MLM, there is no product to stock and you don’t have to create anything new from scratch. In fact, I launched the beta version of this business in a weekend and started making money.

Chances are very very good that you already have a market that wants your products in place, and you probably have a few low to no cost ways to reach your ideal customers.

So I started this business that grew into slideberry.com, providing Done-For-You materials for health and wellness coaches and practitioners. But you may not know the whole story of how I got it going and what it has done FOR me.

ClocksJust a few years ago I was a health coach with an ok business. Things were plugging along fine, but I wanted more. Although I had run a couple of groups, my income was constrained to the hours I had available to see clients and promote my business. I was frustrated, because part of the reason I started my own business was to have more flexibility and time to spend with my son.

I wanted to break out of the hours-for-dollars model.

At the same time, I saw a lot of fellow coaches frustrated by content creation for their businesses… what to write for blog posts, how to create and orchestrate a presentation, or how to design and produce an information product.

A light bulb went on – I am kind of a geek and I write faster than I can push the content out the door for my own coaching work! So I started to share my content with other coaches using a Minimal Viable Product model and quickly validated that selling niche-specific Done-For-You content was a viable business concept!

And, I can help way more people than my private and group programs can ever do because I am helping many fellow coaches to change the life of more people!

slidebrry.com was profitable from almost day 1. Since it is a completely online and very leveraged business model, I have a lot of flexibility both time and location-wise.

I grew this business to hit the 6-figure mark in just 18 months – figuring out most of the stuff on my own, generating new ideas, learning, improvising and experimenting as I went. That time frame may not be super spectacular, but consider that I have two kids – one of them was born during these 18 months – and work about 25 hours a week, I’d say it’s not too shabby at all.

I created this business to fit my lifestyle – I call the shots. I work about 4 hours a day with very little constraints to my schedule (and with little monkey throwing cheerios right next to me.) I took 2 weeks off last October to go cycling in France, and the revenue was not affected at all. In fact, this 5-figure month turned out to be my top 3 highest earning month last year!

If you do this business model right, it’s definitely about working smart, not hard.
It is about applying the right structure to the right opportunity.

This business model can be run really lean and mean. You don’t need a big overhead or marketing budget, making it possible to be profitable from the get-go.

When I started the beta version of the business, I whipped up a website in a weekend at no cost, and I continued to run it with a very lean budget even after the revenue exploded. I spent a grand total of $284.24 to get my website redone a couple of years ago, and another $97 later on to get my shopping cart system in place. My only recurring expense is monthly charge for Mailchimp. (You may want to spend a wee bit more than $0 at the beginning to do it the “right” way, and I will show you how.)

All these numbers translate to a HIGH PROFIT MARGIN and LOW STRESS over overhead spending.

This business model has also opened up other possibilities for me in terms of business growth and income potential. All leveraging what I already had in place for my business, my experience and expertise, and well as my existing network.

This business model can be used by coaches, consultants and any other service professionals – as long as you and others in your field of expertise rely at least partly on using content to promote and generate revenue, you can make it work for you. (If you are not sure, you can email me and we can figure out if this business model is right for you.)

Why Done-For-You CONTENT?
And what does it gotta do with YOU?

We have probably heard, especially in the online marketing world, that “CONTENT IS KING.” What you may not realize is, even though you may be able to easily create content such as blog posts, articles, presentations, ebooks, and other information products, many coaches, consultants and practitioners do feel challenged in this area. They either don’t know where to begin, what to write, or maybe they don’t have the time or interest to write.

There is even the term “content marketing” – content is essential in driving traffic, adding value, building the “know, like and trust” factor, as well as generating revenue. It has become an essential component in building a solid online presence – and who doesn’t need that?

This is where you come in – if you have been in business for a while and have a good collection of content that has worked for you (you don’t need a ton – a few good pieces will get you started!) – you are in a good place to start a Done-For-You content business!

You can gather your own materials and create pre-written content others can purchase from you. It’s that simple – you see, you already have the content so all you need to do is clean it up and add a few things, put it on a website and tell others about it through you existing network of fellow coaches, consultants or practitioners.

Of course there are some nuances to making it all work together, and strategies to structure your content and business so it’s not a one-product wonder. And those are the juicy stuff I am going to show you in this BRAND NEW 8-week training program.

Since I started slideberry.com to serve health and wellness coaches, quite a few similar businesses have cropped up. There IS money in there. This business model WILL catch on. It will be smart to jump in now and establish a strong foothold and authority status in your space and claim your “territory.”

(I have my ears on the ground, and I have yet to encounter a training program like this one – it is brand new, unique materials. You might have heard of private label content, yes. But the way I structure these materials takes you BEYOND just content so you can provide excellent value to your customers, making them want your stuff again and again. How do I know? Because I regularly receive “love notes” from repeating customers!)

Introducing “Build Your Done-For-You Content Empire” Mentoring Program

This is an 8-week small group-mentoring program with a lot of individual attention. I will show you how to build your very own DFY content business by leveraging your current business and network.

You will be able to add an additional stream of income, without having to start from scratch. You have an existing client base you can tap into right away (aka, other coaches, consultants and practitioners in your field whom you already know), making your marketing a lot simpler, easier and cheaper. It will take up much less time than if you were to start something from scratch, and of course, much less effort and stress so you can truly enjoy the fruit of your labor.

If you already have a coaching/consulting/service-based business plugging along,
I bet you don’t have a whole lot of time and energy for mishaps and detours.

I have been through all the trial-and-error, so you don’t have to. I have invested tens of thousands of dollars to learn general “business and marketing” then APPLIED the information within the context of selling DFY materials so everything you learn will be RELEVANT to building this business you want.

This mentoring program distills 3 years of knowledge, experience (and face plants) into 8 weeks of knowledge, strategies and killer tactics.

If it took me 18 months to hit the 6-fig mark by figuring it out on my own,
imagine how much faster you can rock this out if you get my secret sauce!

I will be tailoring the materials as we go, based on the needs of the group. I am structuring the curriculum on 3 tracks, so you will be tackling them in parallel, with an eye to getting your business up and running as soon as possible. (I was a project manager for 10 years so I can’t help but consider the “get shit done” side as well!)

I am teaching you everything I know – No-Holds-Barred

Product Creation Track

  • How to select your materials, how to pick the format for your products and how to structure your content so they are easy-to-use by your customers. You get templates and examples of my bestsellers so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel.
  • How to leverage and package your content so you don’t have to start from scratch every time you create new product.
  • How to bundle and create high price-point products.
  • How to set up your promotional calendar and use it to inform your product creation so you won’t be throwing spaghetti at the wall.

Marketing Track

  • The where, when, and how on spreading the word about your new business that will not cost you an arm and a leg.
  • How to build your list, with revenue generation built into the process. You will also get my most popular lead generation magnets – all Done-For-You, so you can customize and deploy right away.
  • How to use content marketing to boost sales.
  • Sales page anatomy specific to selling DFY content, and of course you will get a template to get you rolling.
  • How to structure your product launch and how to use seasonal re-launch to generate buzz and revenue with minimal work.

Business Set up and Growth Track

  • How to get your “beta” site up and running in a week or less so you can start generating revenue. We will talk about the nuts and bolts of getting those tech stuff in place – such as website, shopping cart, and payment processing – and how you can start with the basic and have a plan to upgrade as you expand so you don’t have to invest a huge overhead to get up and running.
  • Suggestions for copyright and other legalese. I am not a legal professional, so these will be recommendations based on my experience and I do suggest that you check with a legal professional as you expand.
  • How to set up and run your affiliate program so you get an army of peeps promoting for you.
  • Other income possibilities you can incorporate into your business as you grow and expand.
  • Of course, we will tackle mindset and fears as we go along to make sure that you inner work is support your outer growth!

And the nitty-gritty…  I am REALLY there with you every step of the way:

Program starts Thursday September 25 – Every Thursday for 8 weeks you will get a learning module (except Oct 9). Every other Monday, starting Oct 13, we will have a laser coaching call at 3pm PT/6pm ET.
Here is what you will get during our 8 weeks together:

  • (8) weekly audio or video training modules, with supporting notes, resource list and templates ($1400 value)
  • (4) group laser coaching/Q&A call every other week – if you can’t attend live, you can send in your Qs and get the recording ($600 value)
  • Done-For-You templates you can use for either yourself or for sale. Yes! You can RESELL some of these templates through your new business with no strings attached!! ($600 value, at least!)
  • Done-For-You lead-generation magnets – with a revenue-generating “next step” built right in – to help you grow a list of loyal customers ($200 value)
  • Option to upgrade to a package that includes individual coaching sessions with me and I will personally help you structure your business, create your products, your way. (You will receive information after purchase.)

bonus time

  • BONUS #1: Quick-Start Action Guide on How to Set Yourself Up For a Successful Launch – available for instant download the moment you sign up so you can get the ball rollin’! ($100 value)
  • BONUS #2: Email support between now (as in, as soon as you sign up) and our start date to give you support as you put the foundational pieces in place. ($200 value)

Total value of this program exceeds $3,100, but of course you are not going to pay that.

I am pricing this pilot program at $979 – it won’t be this investment level next time I run it.

Until Monday 9/22, your investment to crack open this additional stream of income is $797.

I can easily 6x or more this amount in pure profit in a “just ok” month – so can you, because I am going to show you everything, without the all the trial-and-error.*

Because I want this to be a personalized and intimate experience, I am only accepting 12 students.
If you want to do this, don’t wait!

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Sign Me Up!

* of course I can’t promise how much you are going to make. I can only share my experience, my results, and my secret sauce with you. I may be smarty-pants enough to crack this business model and maybe I can type pretty fast, but really, I am not much different from y’all.

Before you join… Read this:
(like, I am putting the small prints in large prints)

I want to make sure students in this mentoring program are set up for success. I am listing 7 criteria I recommend that you put in place to support the launch a successful DFY content business.

You don’t need to have all of them in place to get started, but I do want to set some realistic expectations. To help you get going, you will get a BONUS Quick-Start Action Guide on how to meet these criteria the moment you sign up.

Here are the 7 criteria:

  1. You have your coaching, consulting or service-based business at least somewhat established so you know what you are doing, have a good grasp on how to run and market a business in your field of expertise, and a good understanding on the type and format of content that will best support your peeps.
  2. You have some content already developed to get you started. This is not a big deal because you can buckle down and start writing from scratch, right now.
  3. You are tapped into networks of your fellow coaches, consultants or practitioners – online and/or offline.
  4. You are cool with doing some basic website updates on your own as the early stage may involve some rapid-fire experimentation.
  5. You gotta love writing content and doing research!
  6. You are cool with marketing and writing promotional copy. Truth – you need to get the word out before people come buy from you!
  7. You like to think outside the box, you are creative, adaptable and have an open mind to spot opportunities so you can be responsive to market needs.

Like I said, no big deal if you don’t have them all in place because the BONUS Quick Start Action Guide will show you what to do to get them solid – which you can download as soon as you sign up!

If you want to get going with your DFY content business, leverage your current business and network to add an additional stream of income, I look forward to have you join me.

This is really a NO BRAINER because you will get a plan of action laid out for you and you can make your investment back in your first month or two. With the low overhead and operating cost of this business model, the rest is PURE PROFIT for you, for years to come.

Take advantage of the Early Action Discount on top of Pilot Program Pricing:

Your investment to crack open this additional stream of income is $797

if you say YES! to more flexibility, more creativity and more income before 9/22:


**$797 pricing expires on Monday 9/22/2014 at 11.59pm PT.

Good Fit GuaranteeIf you sign up now and decide that this opportunity for adding an easy-peasy stream of income to your biz is not your cup of tea, let me know before the release of the second training module and you can get a full refund – out of my own pocket, no hassle, no quibble.

 You too can have these RAVING customers
who will buy from you again and again:

Simone S pic“I have purchased a LOT of Slideberry’s done-for-you materials, and used them successfully in heaps of different ways. The Done-For-You articles provide me with content for my weekly newsletters and blogs and tid-bits to share on Facebook and Twitter, so I never lack inspiration to share with my tribe. The [ROCK YOUR DETOX] System helped me run a very successful group detox including a preview teleseminar series that added 300 new subscribers to my list. I also repurposed  the detox materials to create a report that bring me at least 5 new subscribers every week when they download it. The 21 Days Of Wellness [Email Coaching Program] materials have formed the foundation for an online course  I run as an evergreen product that brings me passive income every week.

The materials have basically helped me  increase my list size, increase my incomeand helped me  build community effortlessly, as I haven’t had to wrack my brains coming up with editorial content and I have saved time on preparing materials that would have otherwise taken me forever to put together myself.

Ling’s materials are so easy to use in many different ways, and it is also easy to use the content as inspiration and to then put your own slant and voice into it, making it unique. Ling has been a godsend for me as I build my business while also working full time. I could have done it myself, but not having to has given me more time to work on the things that really matter, and I have seen my business soar in the last 6 months.”

~ Simone Samuels, Certified Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach, The Wellness Warung

kerry“Slideberry allowed me to have programs that were more professional and easily marketed within a reasonable amount of time. By using the Done-For-You programs I am more comfortable offering multiple programs, workshops etc. It allows me to progress and expand and takes some of the work out of it. It takes a long time to set up your business and put together content. I am working out of space at a Chiropractors office and this let me have programs and services to offer right off the bat.

Slideberry’s Done-For-You materials give me many more options and ways to reach potential clients than saying ‘I have a 6 month program.’ I can offer a 21-day email program (great as a incentive give-away etc.) Material for presentations (the hardest thing to put together in my opinion) and it got me start creating audio programs which would have been a distant thought without Slideberry’s Done-For-You New Year Group Program.

I have been tremendously satisfied with the materials that I have ordered. So far I have put together the 21-day email program and it has been going out for a week. This has been wonderful and it was easy to make it my own and launch.

For the most part I use Slideberry’s materials as a way to make all my extra money and help me to have content to offer above and beyond my typical “signature” program. It has allowed me to start to be successful as a new Health Coach just about to graduate. I thank you it has taken a lot of the stress out of getting started.”

~ Kerry Fleckenstein, Green Fields Health and Wellness

p.s. keys to successful business include knowing where to find you market and having something that they want. We already got those two important factors “checked!” for you by leveraging your current business and network. You will be launching yourself amidst a load of hungry customers who will THANK YOU for what you have to offer!

p.p.s. this can become a truly awesome lifestyle business for you (I don’t start working before my morning yoga, I spend time with my two kids, and I sleep 8 hours a night…) with a lot of potential to grow and expand into other revenue sources after establishing yourself as a resourceful authority. Like I said, this business model WILL catch on so be smart and be the first to claim your throne!

p.p.p.s. I know this can be a big decision – you will be doing something brand new in your business… it means investing time and effort in something you may not have done before (that’s why I am here for you!) And this also means a super exciting and lucrative opportunity if it’s right for you. I want to be there help you make the best decision for YOU – if you are really drawn to this mentoring program but still have questions or need some support to come up with a “yes” or “no” – just email me and we will get on the phone for a “dig deep” conversation. There will be NO hard-selling – if I see that you are not ready, or if this program is not right for you, I will tell you so and we can all move on with no “yuck” energy.


Still got Q’s? Shoot me an email ask me anything.

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