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Done-For-You content in various formats to suit your need!

Having the content is only half the story – your content need to be orchestrated and formatted to meet your needs, your target market’s way of consuming information, and your content marketing strategies. Besides all the awesome materials, you will also find ideas and inspirations on how to use them to boost your business.


21 Days of Wellness Email Coaching Program

Perfect for an entry-level program or product that will give your potential clients a taste of your work. Imagine your email showing up in your prospects’ inbox and being read 3 weeks in a row!

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Blog Post/Article Content

Use these article as blog posts, newsletter articles, client handouts; break them up as tweets or facebook posts; or group a few together to create a more meaty article for publication. You can be everywhere without doing all the work!

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Workshop Presentations

Leading a workshop with a slideshow makes you look professional and credible. Bullet points on the screen can help the audience follow your materials. You can maintain better eye contact with the audience because you can use the bullet points as a prompt, instead of reading from your notes.

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Special Reports

Use them to create free giveaway to entice newsletter sign up (grow your list!), entry-level information products, bonus materials for your programs (increase perceived value!), or as a gift for your current and past clients.

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10-Day Metabolic Detox Manuals

Detox manual set to help you launch your own detox program in no time! Set contains a Pre-Cleanse Prep Guide to set the stage and help increase success rate, and a Detox Manual completed with meal plans, self-care tips, check list and supplement recommendations.

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Proposals and Templates

Sending out a proposal can be as easy as filling in the blanks!

Start launching and stop procrastinating with the Killer Sales Page Template and the Product/Program Launch Timeline Template!

Get out there with the PowerPoint Workshop Presentation Template, Email Newsletter Template (with plug-and-play code) and Article Template – with all the essential elements laid out for you!

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Custom Work

Want to roll out a one-of-a-kind program?
Looking for something “off the beaten path”?
Need in-depth research on a topic?
Presenting to other health professionals and need data and analysis?

Let us help you! Email, tell us what you need and we will find a way to work together!


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