Broccoli, Allergy and Success

My husband was sneezing up a storm the other day – allergy season and riding his bike outdoors doesn’t help.

During dinner, I told him eating leafy greens and broccoli can help – according to an article by Dr. John Doulliard. Incidentally, there is broccoli on the table.

My husband picked up ONE piece of broccoli, ate it, and call it done.

Guess what happened to his allergy? NOTHING!

Of course! You don’t expect to get healthy by eating one piece of broccoli!

And you should not expect success either if you implement one marketing tactic and think it will sky rocket your business. Or, get it off the ground…

Be it doing in-person workshop, promoting your free gift to grow your list, using social media to drive traffic, or using newsletter to promote your work, you need to be CONSISTENT, PERSISTENT and KEEP AT IT.

Bad news: there is no “get rich quick scheme” so if you want it you have to do the work.
Good news: there is no “magic potion” so if you are willing to do the work you will get it.

Do the work, do it every (work) day. Implement, take action. Don’t give up – read my 3 principles for success.

I can’t put in the elbow grease for you, but you can certainly PICK MY BRAIN for smart strategies!

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