Breaking Into Corporate Wellness Part 1

by Kris Roach

I stumbled into Corporate Wellness when a friend told me to connect with Room and Board Corporate office. They are known for their progressive wellness program and with an inside contact I was able to book a phone conversation with the HR director in charge of their wellness program. I went into this conversation just looking to find out what they do for their employees, how long they have been doing a wellness program and other inside details for me to understand how a comprehensive program works. I left the one hour call with an offer to write and present a four part nutrition series for their wellness committee.

This turned out to be a fantastic experience and a jumping off point for my business. I really enjoy doing motivational speaking on health topics more than I do coaching clients one on one. I love connecting with the audience and trying to figure out whom in the crowd is going to have a light bulb moment and make a change in their health because of something I said.

It’s been a year since my Room and Board experience and I have learned that companies are all over the place when it comes to wellness programs. There are very few doing it well. By well I mean being able to change their employees’ long-term health. Many of them hire a speaker that may be a nutritionist or dietician and most of the feedback I have gotten is that these seminars can be boring or unrealistic. Or they will run a biggest loser event in the office that has people starving themselves for a few weeks in order to win and when it is over the weight comes back on. I love bringing my holistic approach to this arena. It is fresh, unexpected and brings that light bulb moment to those in the audience.

For the presentations I created for these corporate wellness gigs, I start with the basics and then go a little deeper with each subsequent lecture. That way I can meet the needs of the client depending on how long they have been bringing wellness programs to their employees. I often like to start with my level one 45 minute presentation Energy for Life because it gets us all on the same page. Then we can go deeper into really changing their health with Breaking the Sugar Blues, Stress Management or The Good, the Bad and the Healthy.

Meet the Author

Kris Roach is a certified health and wellness coach in Minneapolis MN. After 15 years of running an outside sales business she went back to school at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and developed her own wellness company Her business changes as her journey into this career evolves. After dipping her toes into corporate wellness she decided she enjoyed being a motivational speaker on health related topics. Her passion is inspiring others to take control of their health.


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