Boost Sales with Glowing Testimonials (7 Questions You Can Use)

Social proof, such as testimonials and case studies, are powerful tools that will help you sell your products and programs. They will also boost your expert status.

Always include relevant testimonials on a sales page. If you are launching a new product or program, you don’t need testimonials that reference directly to that particular product. You can use social proof that are relevant – e.g. similar products or programs – to show people that “your stuff works.”

If you are new and don’t have any testimonials under your belt, you can consider offering a free or discounted program to a few people, and ask for testimonials in return.

A “good” testimonial should communicate specific results after working with you. Instead of “xxx is a nice person and an awesome coach”, go for “I lost xx pounds in just x weeks working with xxx.”

When featuring testimonials on your website and print materials, remember that the more information of the client you include, the more this person looks “real”, the more impactful the testimonial is. As much as possible, include first and last name, location, a photo and maybe a website URL. You can also use audio or video testimonials.

You can “bribe” your clients to write testimonials for you by giving them a free special report, or a bonus 15 minute session. You can also write up a testimonial based on your notes of the client’s progress, and send your draft to the client for review and approval.

Here are the 7 questions that I like to use when asking for a testimonial:

  • What challenges were you experiencing when it comes to xxxx [the problem your program is designed to solve]?
  • How did this program help you overcome your challenges?
  • What progress have you made during this program? [ask for specific results]
  • Did the coaching and materials in this program meet your needs? Did the information and support offer meet/exceed your expectation?
  • Which component in this program is most helpful to you?
  • What improvements can be made to this program? [you don’t have to post this on your website, but it’s nice to see what you can improve and you also come across as wanting to serve your clients better, instead of just getting testimonials for your benefits]
  • Is that ok for me to share your feedback on my website? If so, can I mention your name? I will also be happy to link back to your website and would love your photo, if you can send these info along as well.

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  1. These are great suggestions and exactly what I was looking for on the topic. Thanks so much for posting!

  2. Thanks for framing client testimonials questions in such an simple manner.


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