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fbad2400x209_2My biz girlfriend Lori Kennedy’s WOW! Weight Loss Certification Training is open for enrollment again!

This is awesome, whether you are starting out or looking to add a weight loss component to your business –  you get all the content, materials, protocol, meal plans etc. ready to roll, PLUS Lori is super hands-on and she will be there with you every step of the way to not only train you on how to coach your clients to lose weight effectively using a whole food diet, but also to give you business strategies and implementation support so you can can roll in the dough and make your investment back as quickly as possible.

Exclusive Extra Bonuses From Slideberry – Over $500 Value

I fully support Lori’s vision to make weight problem not a problem anymore in North America – so if you sign up with my link here, I will gift you a couple of extra bonuses that will help you fast track your business:

  • EXPLORE + MONETIZE List Engagement System – $277 retail value – grow and nurture your list with these Done-For-You content and Plug-And-Play marketing copy. You know what they say, money is in the list!
  • (1) 45-min phone business coaching session with yours truly – you bring the agenda, I bring the brain juice. ($250 value… but you can’t even book a single session with me now so it’s special!)

To Claim Your Bonus

After you sign up with my link, forward your receipt to After the 30-day money back guarantee period is over, Lori will give me a final list of folks who are in the program and signed up using my link. I will send you the List Engagement System and reach out to you to schedule our session.

Is This Really Right For You?

Of course, I will make some commission if you purchase with my link. But I want you to join the program not because I say so. Not because “weight loss” is hot. Not because of your fear of missing out on the bonuses. Not because everyone else is doing it.

I want you to join this program only if it resonates with you. Only if it helps you grow a business that does what you want it to do for you.

It is not about throwing spaghetti on the wall and hoping something will stick. It is not an excuse to not “get out there” because “I have to finish this certification and that training first”. This is not about hoarding knowledge and qualification to mask your fear that “you may not be good enough.”

If you are starting out – what do you really want to be known for? Does achieving this expertise involve knowledge and skills in weight management? Who do you passionately what to serve? Can these people benefit from losing weight? What is your message? Will adding a weight loss expertise to your tool box amplify or dilute your message?

If you have an established business – does adding weight loss coaching add value to what you are providing your clients? Does adding weight loss boost your expertise in what you are known for, or would it dilute your message? Can you seamlessly integrate this component into your big vision, your message and your offering so you don’t look like a “jack of all trades”?

If you dig deep and come up with the answer that adding a Weight Loss component is of service to you, your clients and your business, I invite you to check out the WOW! Weight Loss Certification Training and use this link to grab your extra bonuses.

A’s To Some Common Q’s About WOW! Weight Loss Professional Certification

What is WOW! Professional Certification?

The WOW! Professional Certification is an 8-week online training course that teaches nutritionists, health coaches, personal trainers and wellness practitioners weight loss education specific to hormones, how to coach clients through their weight loss journey, how to structure and implement a whole foods based nutrition and weight loss program online or offline and the direct response marketing needed to uniquely position the program and generate profit.

What Makes The WOW! Professional Certification Different From Other Professional Training Courses?

The WOW! Professional Certification is different from other certifications or training programs because it focuses on the systems needed to build both an online or offline business in addition to providing weight loss specific nutrition education often left out of nutrition diploma or certification programs. It’s different because it offers a step-by-step program along with a blueprint to follow for quick implementation.

What Type Of Credentials Do I Need To Have To Be Eligible?

First you should make sure that your state allows you to practice nutrition coaching. There are certain states that firmly prohibit health coaches and nutritionists from offering any type of nutrition based services or programs.

Other than that it’s helpful to have a nutrition diploma or certification. Health coaches, personal trainers and wellness practitioners will learn loads about food, regardless of their credentials.

When Does Enrollment For The WOW! Professional Certification Close?

Enrollment closes Wednesday April 23, 2014 at midnight EDT. The WOW! Professional Certification will not be available again until 2015.

When Does The WOW! Professional Certification Start?

The course starts Monday April 28th and runs for 8 weeks, ending Monday June 16th. Each weekly module gets released on Mondays at 12:00pm EDT. There are two Mondays that are holidays – May 19th is Victoria Day in Canada and May 26th is Memorial Day in the U.S. Modules will still be released on those days. You have the entire week to listen to them before the LIVE Q and A calls happen. Click HERE to enroll in the WOW! Professional Certification.

When Are The Live Q And A Calls?

The weekly LIVE Q and A calls happen every Friday at 12:00pm EDT. They are about 60 minutes in length and are recorded. As soon as the recordings are ready they are posted in the Schedule tab in the secure membership site for playback. If you can’t make the calls submit your questions in advance and Lori will answer them.

What Is The WOW! Professional Certification Investment?

The enrollment fee is $997. There are two payment options – paid in full or a payment plan where you pay $199 per month, over the course of 6 months. Each payment is charged to your credit card 30 days apart.

Is There A Guarantee Or Refund Policy?

Yes, there is a 30-day money back guarantee but understand that this certification course is not some overnight success, get rich quick training. You will learn nutrition education, client coaching strategies and business training that will serve you for your life.

The best part about the WOW! Professional Certification is lifetime access. You can go through the course each and every time it’s offered PLUS you get the newest bonuses at no additional cost.

Lori offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee where you can receive a full refund within the first 30 days of enrollment. She requires you to complete all of the training video handouts and downloadable worksheets provided up until that point because if you do the work and implement the training you’ll get results. It’s as simple as that.

Can I Use The WOW! Weight Loss Brand Name?

All of the materials available with the WOW! Professional Certification are available for private label. You do not have to modify content or re-create anything. Some materials are PDF, which will require you to have some help adding your contact info and logo while others are in Word.

Upon completing the quiz and case studies you will receive the designation of WOW! Weight Loss Specialist. If you’d like to advance your business one step further there will be an option to upgrade.

What If I Am Still A Student, Should I Wait Until I’m Done?

The short answer is NO. Lori has had many students complete the WOW! Professional Certification prior to graduating. The business systems that are taught during the course are invaluable and should be implemented even before you graduate. Enroll now for the WOW! Professional Certification.

Who Is Not Right For The WOW! Professional Certification?

This course is not right for you if any of the following points ring true:

  • You don’t own a computer or have an internet connection
  • You have NO interest at all in whole foods, weight loss or creating client transformations
  • You are hoping that Lori and her course will be the magic pill that solves all of your money problems because you’ll become an overnight success

Is There One-On-One Support?

Each week Lori answers your questions during the LIVE Q and A calls. You can either submit your questions in advance or ask them live on the call. This way you get real time answers to your questions. If at any point you have technology or support questions you can email the WOW! support team and they will solve the problem as quickly as possible.

Also, you will have access to the WOW! Professional Certification members only Facebook where only previous and current certification students are approved for access.

If you have any other questions about Lori Kennedy’s WOW! Professional Certification you can join her LIVE for a Q and A call plus some serious laser coaching Wednesday April 16th at 8:00pm EDT.

Exclusive Extra Bonuses From Slideberry – Over $500 Value

Use this link to enroll, and get these extra bonuses from slideberry:

  • EXPLORE + MONETIZE List Engagement System – $277 retail value – grow and nurture your list with these Done-For-You content and Plug-And-Play marketing copy. You know what they say, money is in the list!
  • (1) 45-min phone business coaching session with yours truly – you bring the agenda, I bring the brain juice. ($250 value… but you can’t even book a single session with me now so it’s special!)

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