Behind the Scene – My Product Launch Plan

“Product Launch Plan” – that’s the fancy way of saying it!

My no-frills "project plan"

My no-frills “project plan”

In February, I designed, created (as in, write and compile all the materials), marketed and launched the ROCK YOUR DETOX Program Launch System, with a brand new affiliate program to boot, all within a 2-week period. No, I did not work day and night – I did not miss my yoga practice, the two kids were still fed and clothed properly, and I even got over a nasty cold during that time.

I did take the 15 minutes to sit down and map out all the activities, when they need to happen. And make sure there is no missing steps or out of order sequence.

No, I did not use any fancy project planning software. I just noted down the date, put the activity next to the date, and arrange them all in chronological order – using the text editor on my computer. I know how much I can accomplish in one day, so I don’t overload myself with tasks each day.

Everyday when I started working I would check the list, see what needed to be done that day, and focus on completing the tasks.

The product launched like Swiss train and was a success – with very little stress associated with a 2-week product and launch window!

PICK MY BRAIN to streamline your launch and make it a blockbuster without the stress!

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