Free Yourself From the Biggest Time-Sucker

By Mary Cravets The other day, I found myself stressed to the max because my email inbox kept piling up. I was checking it all the time, and fearing the overwhelming build-up of messages. Then I stopped myself, because I realized the urgency was entirely in my head. In order to reality check the situation, […]

How To Set Up and Price Your Email Coaching Program

Many health an wellness coaches/practitioners have implemented slideberry’s DONE-FOR-YOU 21 Days of Wellness Email Coaching Program with great results. It’s one of our all-time-favs and I field many questions about pricing and implementation so I am sharing my 2 cents here on the different ways and factors affecting the pricing and set up of your email coaching […]

How To Master “Navel-Gazing Marketing” To Get More Clients

Any business coach or copywriter worth her salt will tell you that your copy is NOT about you. In fact, I have written an article about it. With most of my happy clients, I have helped them craft their marketing messages by taking them out of “navel-gazing” mode – talking about them, their training & […]

Why Letting Go Of FEAR Can be Scary

There are two kinds of fear. One is “being scared shitless by some fire-breathing dragon”. The other is the more deep-rooted, subtle “Primary Fears” that show up as self-sabotaging actions and habits. The “Primary Fears” are tricky because when they come up, you probably don’t even recognize them as “fear”. Very often, they are manifested […]

How to Make Everything Easier For Your Coaching Business (seriously!)

By Mary Cravets Any time you encounter confusion, stress, or indecision, I have a tip that can help every single time. Seriously. Simply ask yourself, “Am I open to the possibility for this to be easy?” Some examples: Stressed out about a deadline? Ask yourself, “Am I open to the possibility that it could be […]

Metrics Are Great, Until They Are Not :: the Right Knowledge and Mindset To Supercharge Those Numbers

I am a sucker for numbers. Metrics, data, measurements. These are great stuff, they show you where you are, how things have been working for you, what to tweak, what to do more of and what you can drop to save some time, effort and money. If you want these numbers to really fuel the […]

How To Design Your Airtight Marketable Signature System

One of the ways I help my business coaching clients to get more high-paying clients is to guide them through the process of designing their own signature system. When you go through this process, you instantly feel more confident because you have in front of you all the valuable transformation you deliver to your clients, and the exact result-oriented […]

How To Reverse Engineer Your Fastest Path To Cash

Product launch, preview calls, webinars, teleseminar, social media, workshops, group programs, private coaching… aaaaah!!! What to do first and how to MAKE IT HAPPEN so you can generate revenue from your hard work as quickly as possible? Let me help you cut the overwhelm and confusion once and for all. Here is the same process […]

How To Share and Monetize Your Gifts

I am starting off by sharing something personal. I had a hand analysis done recently and was told I have 6 gift marks. Apparently I am a bit of a rare breed – only 2-3% of the US population have multiple gift marks. Net net, I am super creative and intuitive (Heart & Guts, go figure), […]

What Can You Break Today To Become a More Powerful Coach?

My fav cycling instructor Reilly always tell us to get to the point where “the body feels broken” – you train, you break it, for it to recover stronger. You push to the point where you think you can’t, and you push further (that’s the place where the brain goes out of commission and Heart […]

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