End Overwhelm :: Fastest Path To Cash With JUST {3+1} Things (They Are Much Simpler Than You Think!)

If you are starting your coaching business and feel overwhelmed to the point of analysis-paralysis – I get it – been there, done that. No fault of yours. With all the information overload, programs and trainings out there, it is easy to get confused and feel drowned. Too many “should’s” – whether it’s a training on website, […]

{{ Expert Hangout }} Irresistible Website Essentials With Jess Webb

June Gloom is hitting the always sunny Santa Monica. But it doesn’t mean you need to feel sad about your website! I just had an awesome interview with my biz girlfriend Jess Webb, who is the Web-Marketing Goddess Extraordinaire. Watch this video to see us geek out on: What the biggest mistake entrepreneurs are making […]

My “Holy Sh*t I Got It All Wrong” Moment – aka Why You Should Stop Selling Your Expertise

The first few paragraphs of this article may be a bit on the woo-woo side. Rest assures, I haven’t gone off the deep end. While I use my own experience to illustrate the point, I will show you why you have to STOP SELLING YOUR EXPERTISE – and make yourself so UNIQUE in the marketplace that […]

{{ Expert Hangout }} Grow Your Coaching Business With Mobile App

Do you find yourself GLUED to your smart phone all the time? Yeah, me too. Mobile app is the next frontier, and has become more and more prominent in the marketing landscape. I had a chat with mobile app expert Lindsey Witmer Collins, who has built many mobile apps for coaches. (yay me, figured out how […]

Ribs. Throat. Heart, Unplugged.

Past week, I was in the space where I just wanted to curl up and suck my thumb. CRY. SULK. GET PISSED. I feel very pulled to sharing my still-raw experience with you – including a collage made “from the guts”: Lately, everyone from Ali Brown to Charlie Brown are talking how the energy of the […]

Please Don’t Be a Robo-Coach

I have created a lot of Done-For-You content for health and wellness coaches/practitioners. During my maniac product-creation phrase, I have come across the idea of a done-for-you signature system many times but for some reason unknown to me back then, I could not do it. My creation process is very intuitive and if I drag my feet on a […]

The “Fear Busting” Question To Get You Into Action

Often times, fear is something that holds us back from taking action and achieving our goals. Having fear is human. However, it doesn’t mean our actions have to be controlled by our fears. In fact, if you fully acknowledge your fear and take a good close look at it, you can get to the root of it […]

Client Spotlight :: From Dream To New Coaching Business In 12 Weeks

Platinum Coaching Client Rick Gabrielly is a firecracker choked full of energy and ideas. When he first connected with me, he had this big vision to help couples reignite the passion and cultivate a more loving relationship through better communication and understanding, but felt totally stuck when it came to bringing this dream to life. This big […]

Lime, Explosion + Lavender Ice Cream Pop

I have sounded this one out for you – with my still-hoarse-from-flu-allergy-and-a-lot-of-throat-chakra-work voice: dig what you hear and ready to step up and have your biz YOUR way, get more clients for being YOU? Join me for this FREE unMarketing Training – it will change how you view “marketing” and even start to LOVE it! […]

Increase Your Exposure, Up Your Visibility and Boost Your Expert Status By Contributing To Publications

On a super hot lazy Friday afternoon, I had the opportunity to speak with Jennifer Meador, CHHC, AADP, about her digital publication the Health Coach Home. Besides sharing some great tips on contributing content to a digital publication, Jennifer also offered slideberry peeps an opportunity to contribute to her magazine (at no cost to you!) […]

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