{{ Expert Hangout }} How To Talk To Your Spouse About Investing In Your Coaching Business

Talking to their partners or spouses about investing in your business can be a tricky subject for some. It is not just about getting your spouse to say “yes” – it is about getting him/her on board and be supportive of your venture. I am all for discussing such investments in yourself and your business with your spouse. You […]

4 Sales Page Secrets You Probably Don’t Know

I am a geek. I love reading sales pages. Yep, I read them for some good-clean-geek-fun then reread and dissect them for program structure strategies, sales tactics and underlying persuasion principles. My biz coach likes to hit me up to help her with some sales page refining once in a while because unlike other people, […]

{{ Expert Interview }} Talk To The Hand (and Find Your Big Bucks)

I am sooooo thrilled when Denise agreed to do an interview with me. We “met” through a hand analysis (on my gift marks), and very quickly I got sucked into her world (love love love her newsletters… they are like gems of truth in my inbox) and started working with her in a soul-digging program that […]

Mixing Business With Pleasure… aka Embodiment vs. Intellect

Recently I wrote a post on getting to the “sensual” in your business, about the stripping down to your CORE essence and letting it shine fully and unapologetically in everything that you put out into the world, of course including in your business. This is the beginning of what I am digging into here. I have been […]

The Empath’s Guide to “Getting Out There”

Being an “Empath” is a great asset for coaches – you empathic ability means you can tap into your clients’ deep desires and emotions, creating a connection that is much needed to support powerful transformations. However, it does have its down side if you are not careful with the “boundary” you set up with your […]

My “3 Clients In 2 Days” Magic Bullet – And YOU Have One Too!

I have practiced Pilates (mat) for 10 years, and my current teacher definitely delivers the “hardest Pilates class ever.” You would think she does some crazy moves, but no, everything is so pared down that when people watch from the outside they think we are not doing a thing, when, in fact, our cores are working their […]

How To Follow Up (and Get the Client!) After a Discovery Session

Many coaches are great at connecting with potential clients. They do very well in the part of the discovery session/enrollment conversation where they find out what the clients’ challenges are and how they can help them. It becomes trickier when “money talk” hits – not only talking “money” makes them nervous, it also throws them off so much […]

{{ EPIC Hangout }} “What The STUCK?” How To Get Everything You Really (Secretly) Want!

This is the most fun hangout I have ever done! Marcie and I just jammed for 45 minutes (we could go on for another two hours, but didn’t, for our listener’s sanity and our kids’ wellbeing…) – she is pure awesomeness and you are going to LOVE this conversation if you dig my Business Soulwork […]

ribCAGE, In Rage :: What Is In Your Bones?

RAGE – a lot of it – is what I have been flooded with since my epic 2,500 word blog post. In the past few months, I have been unplugging, releasing, undoing, unwinding – from everything – mind, body, spirit. I said f–k you Brain. I have been overthinking the tedious. Whenever I let loose of the grip, […]

How To Structure Your “Maintenance Coaching Program”

If you are selling your services as coaching packages, instead of per-month or per-session – CONGRATS!! Then, you would also run into this question – what to do after a client “graduates” from my 3-, 4- or 6-month program? The client is happy with the results, and wants to have you around so she can […]

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