Adding “Done For You” Service to Your Offering

Slideberry, of course, base our offerings on “done for you” presentations. But you can apply the same idea to other parts of your practice. Here is some ideas I glean from Linda Claire Puig, adding my own take on how the methods can be applied to holistic wellness practitioners: And when you add “done for you” […]

Free Screen Sharing Service

The folks who owns just launched… have not tried it yet, but looks like a good way to start doing webinar without any upfront cost.

Get The Most Out Of Your Speaking Gig

Came across an article with some good tips on getting the most out of a your talk: 1. Partner. Partner with an Organization that Has a List. If you are just starting or have a list that is less than 1000 or not very responsive. Do your workshops with an organization that already has a […]

Giving Away Too Many Free Sessions?

We have been told to give free initial sessions when we give talks etc. to connect to prospects. Well, all good, except when you have 20 people sign up and after they get the freebie none of them become a client! Then it becomes an energy drain without any rewards! One way to make sure […]

New Presentations

Here are the latest addition to the Slideberry collection: Postpartum Wellness Workshop (single lecture) Weigh Less Live More (single lecture) 7 Ways to Reduce Craving (plug-in module) Top 10 Reasons to Exercise (plug-in module) 10 Tips to Weight Less Live More (plug-in module)

Slideberry Launch Call

Download the recording of our launch call to learn about the intention behind the creation of Slideberry, what we have to offer, how Slideberry works, and how we can support you as a holistic wellness practitioner.

Sell It Before You Produce It

One of the tips I learned from an information product launch “guru”. Do your selling and marketing before producing the product! Slideberry helps you do just that. Browse through our menu of available presentations. Pick a topic that resonates with you and your audience, and market it – you can glean from the table of […]

Learn all about Slideberry

We are hosting a launch call on 5/26 at 4pm PDT to introduce our service, how it works, and have some Q&A time. Conference Dial-in Number: (712) 775-7000 Participant Access Code: 221382# Please RSVP at – even if you can’t make the call, you will be sent the recording afterwards.

Slideberry Beta Launch

We are soft launching Slideberry, and welcome any comments and suggestion. We will be planing a conference call very soon to introduce the service, and to answer any questions – stay tuned!

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