Build Your Business Online – Resource Recommendation

I listened to Natalie Sission’s guide on building an online business. I find it quite comprehensive, a great overview of all the component you need to build an online presence which will help you sell your products and services. Click here to view more details

Three Things You Want To Know About Your Ideal Client

Question #1: What are some of the major problems your ideal client has that your product or service solves? Question #2: Why would your ideal client NOT want to do business with you? (What are their objections?) Question #3: Where can you reach your ideal client? (Magazines or newspapers they read, websites or discussion boards they visit, mailing or […]

Dig Deep to Grow High

This is the season to look inside ourselves and reflect on where we are, what we stand for, and how we can grow. I find myself to be very good at planning and implementation, but need some help with finding my inner guidance so that I can take actions that are meaningful, that bring me […]

Power Questions for Discovery Session

Here are a few power questions to ask your prospective client, to tap into their emotions, to connect them to their current challenges and to their dreams and desire: – What will your life be and how will you feel when you [state her goal]? – What would happen in 3/6/12 months if you continue […]

5 Ways to Get Consultations Fast

Learned these few tips from Bill Baren. Getting prospect to do a free consult with you is one of the best way to fill your practice fast. (Instead of “free consult”, call it something else such as a “complimentary [your specialty] Breakthrough Session”, and attach a dollar value to it) Here are 5 ways to […]

Master of Enrollment

I recently viewed a video by Bill Baren – a demo of the actually process of an enrollment conversation. Here are some notes that I took: Ask the “Why Now?” question at the beginning of the consultation – a subtle way to not only gauge the motivation factor of the prospect, but is also a […]

How to Leverage Your Presentation

There are many ways to leverage and repurpose the content of your Slideberry presentations, to get the biggest bang for your buck. Here are some ideas: Break up content into a few segments, and create blog posts based on the bullet points Post snippets of tips on Facebook Post nuggets of wisdom on Twitter (and […]

3 Tips to Up-Level Your Marketing Message

Find Your Ideal Client Make sure you are writing to ONE person when crafting your marketing message – your ideal client. You will be able to speak to her pain and needs, and add a healthy dose of emotions – this will make your ideal client feel like you are talking to her and her […]

Client Attraction System

Going through Fabienne Fredrickson’s Client Attraction System Home Study Course right now… will be reporting back… If you are interested in her program, sign up for a free CD.    

10 Questions for Creating Your Ideal Client Profile

Use these questions to create a profile for your ideal client. When you create your marketing copy, imagine you are talking to her and addressing her needs. What is keeping her up at night (as related to your service)? What is she mad at? Who does she blame for things that are not going well/lack of success […]

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