What Does Pouring Sand Gotta Do With Time Management?

Read this piece from Crystal Andrus: Grab a blank piece of paper and turn it sideways. Draw three standing rectangular containers. Make the two outside canisters the same size; the one in the middle slightly taller. Imagine filling the container on the left with sand. This represents your daily activities. Fill the container on the […]

Surefire Formula for Free Gift Opt-In Box

Creating a free gift opt-in is a great way to entice new potential clients to sign up to receive your newsletter and other promotions. People are getting more and more discrete when giving out their email addresses – simply a sign up box asking for email and name is usually not enough to give folks […]

Get Social Media To Work Hard For Your Business

For the longest time, I view social media such as Facebook and Twitter as huge time-suck, so I held back from engaging my audience through these venues. I started increasing my presence in social media – including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other forums during the past month – and my list grew 30% in 2 […]

Position Your Website and Find Your Keywords for Maximum Google Visibility

Figuring out what people are searching for online can help you position your keywords and content in your website for maximum visibility. If you are doing Goggle Pay Per Click, it’s important that you buy the keyword(s) that gives you the most bang for your buck. If you go to http://www.keywordspy.com and search for a keyword, you […]

Gear Up for the New Year :: Done-For-You Content; Kick Your Butt Coaching Scholarship and a lot more!

hey my lovely tribe! – Last update, the Done-For-You Content was launched… and now it’s growing! Check out these bestsellers: Weight Loss part 1 and part 2; Nutrition for Energy; and Bone Health. See them all – http://slideberry.wordpress.com/content/ Each package contains 5 articles on one topic and can be used for blog post, newsletter article, tweets…  you get […]

Build Your Business with Ease – What Makes You Tick?

Defining your mission and getting clear on your vision can help you navigate the challenges of being an entrepreneur – facing numerous choices, juggling limited resources, staying on course despite what your competitors may be doing (and not necessarily serve your highest purpose). Here is a journaling exercise I learned from Anastasia Netri – it helps me discover what […]

Address Objections In Your Marketing Copy to Increase Sales

Here are 7 common objections that your prospects may throw at you when you are about to close the deal. Be prepared, and better yet, address them on your marketing materials/copy to reduce your struggle. You don’t really understand my problem – make the feel like you understand exactly what it’s like to be them. Tell a […]

The Ultimate Parenting Course – with a section on nutrition and feeding

I want to share this exciting new course that one of my referral partners just launched. It has a section called “feeding your child”, and I thought it might be helpful resource for those of you who work with parents. Visit the website to learn more. Here is an overview: The Ultimate Parenting Course features […]

7 Ways You May Be Sabotaging Yourself

Just watch a video from Fabienne Federickson on mindset. Here are 7 ways that we may be sabotaging our success: Limiting beliefs Self-image Fears (of success, failure, criticism, losing freedom) Rules about what is acceptable, how you should act Resentment (causes low vibration energy) Judgment Self-criticism  

Inner Game

I got very much into mindset and inner game lately. I notice that on days when my mindset is positive, upbeat, and ready to “receive” – good things happen to my business. I am looking at a few programs and courses to do more work in this area. I always like Fabienne Federickson’s non-nonsense, no-whiner, […]

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