Claiming Your Expertise – “Results Experts”

“Results Experts” are the ones who gives advise based on “been there, done that”. Remember, in many areas of life, you have come further along than a lot of people, and these folks are willing to pay for your knowledge to shorten their learning curve. Why spend 5 more years struggling with sugar addiction if […]

Is Your Target Market Viable?

I was corresponding with Stephanie Pollock, a brand marketing coach that I am working with, about the topic of market viability. Here are a few things that you can consider when you are accessing whether your target market is viable. Is there competition? Competition is always a good indicator that the market is viable – […]

Do You Have a Lucrative Target Market?

One of my Get Out There Make It Big Success Circle member asked me about her choice of target market today. It’s truly a million dollar question, and I definitely don’t claim to have all the answers. Here is my 2 cents on a Saturday afternoon… Is a Target Market Viable? The easy way to find out […]

More Retweets = More Traffic To Your Site = Good For Business

Retweets mean more traffic to your blog and website, increased online visibility, and enhanced expert status among the Twitter community. Your increased exposure also attracts more ideal followers. Here are 5 easy tips to increase your chances of being retweeted: Retweet others Find posts that are in alignment with your message and brand, and share […]

Make More Cash, Now – 5 Ways to Leverage What You Have to Create New Products and Services

If you have been coaching people for a while, given a talk or two, or written some blog posts or articles, chances are, you are sitting on a wealth of materials that you can repackage and sell without having to reinvent the wheel. A few ideas that involves very little work, to get you thinking: […]

Upgrade Your Mindset for Success – 3 Simple Tips That Make A Big Difference

Proper goal setting is only one part of achieving your goals. Sometimes, I see people who are super-determined to achieve their goals, have all the coaches, programs and products lined up to help them do the work, only to find themselves being stuck at some point and unable to move forward to achieve what they set […]

The Missing Ingredient That Makes The Magic Money Tracking Sheet Work Like Gang Buster

Last year I took the “10 Clients in 30 Days” program with Carey and Stacey. One of the tools that I got introduced to was called the “Magic Money Tracking Sheet”. The idea behind it pretty much sums up as “where the attention goes, the energy flows” – by recording all the money that is […]

5 Simple Strategies to Achieving Your 2012 Goals

Do you know that 80% of Americans fail to follow through and achieve their New Year Resolutions? What has been your success rate in the past? Do you want to be the successful 20% who stick with it and make your health and wellness goals a reality?  The key to successfully achieving your goals is […]

Increase Perceived Value of Your Information Product – so that you can charge more!

After you created an information product, you want to make it a very juicy deal to entice people to buy from you. Here are a few ways to increase the perceived value of the product, so that you can charge more very little additional work: Bundle – create bundle or package with a few of […]

4 Ways to Supercharge Your Facebook Update Posting

Facebook is becoming an essential part of creating an online presence for a business. Research has shown that each Facebook like is worth $8! Facebook is a great way to build a relationship with your target audience, find out what they want so that you can create just the right product and services that they […]

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