What They Don’t Tell Your About Money Mindset

There are many books, seminars, workshops and coaching programs out there about money and money mindset. And I have been coached, listened, talked, read and journaled till I turned blue – yet nothing much happened. Yeah, yeah, I know the “theories” intellectually, but nothing really “shifted” in my life for a long time… Even when […]

How To Get Your Signature System To Make More Money For You

A lot of coaches have a signature system that they take their clients through step-by-step to solve their problems. Your signature system doesn’t have to stop with your high-end one-on-one or long-term group-coaching program, which you have to spend months to take your clients through the system and implement the changes. You can use the […]

Top 5 Design Tips To Juice Up Your Sales Page

Researches have found that the layout of the sales page affects conversion rate as much as the actual content. Here are a few pointers that you can use to make sure that your sales page “looks good”: Hierarchy: include headline, and subheads to make your content “scan-friendly”. Your reader should be able to glean the […]

Grow Your List Fast – “Invitation” Page the “Quick and Dirty” Way for $0

An “invitation page” is just a page where people come to complete one action and one action alone – sign up to get your free gift and be added to your list. This page is stripped of all distraction – no navigation, no sidebar, no links to other pages. People read about your free gift, […]

3 Ways to Supercharge Your “Resource” Page

We have seen that many service-based websites have a “Resource” page or section. However, it’s a shame to see that many people just jam a bunch of affiliate banners on one page and call it a day. This section, if well put-together, can help you build relationship and generate more income. The content in the […]

I Am Grateful To Have A Business That Supports My Ideal Lifestyle

I want to share how grateful I am for having a business that allows me to live my ideal lifestyle – everyday – while providing me with a generous “full time” income working flexible “part time” hours. This is my typical Wednesday: 9am – ride my Masi Soulville 7 (my “coffee run” bike… my other bike is […]

Ok, I Have A Freebie… Now What? 7 List-Building Ideas Using Your Free Gift

Yes, the money is in the list. If you want to create a one-to-many model for your business (i.e. leveraging products and programs = more freedom and flexibility for you) you do need a high-quality list that you can communicate to. I recently heard from a business coach that 1,000 is the tipping point for […]

3 Tips to Creating a Compelling Story that Connects You with Your Target Audience (and sells your offerings)

Sharing a story that is relevant to your target market and the problems that they are trying to solve is a powerful way to connect with them, resonate with them at a deeper, more personal and emotional level, and build relationship. Your story is what makes you unique to your target market. As a health coach, your […]

Connect with Your Market :: 7 Questions to Crafting a Killer Bio

The content in the About page of your website is the chance for you to connect with your audience on a personal, emotional level. People buy with emotions, so it’s important that they see more than what you can deliver to them as a health and wellness practitioner. They need to resonate with you, your […]

3 Guiding Principles For Effective Website Content Creation

Knowing simply how to write is not enough when it comes to creating content for the digital media. Having the ability to write a 20-pager and score an A in fancy grad school (btw, no offense, I was one of those) does not mean you can create effective content for a website – where people […]

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