Why Website Redesign Is Scaring the Crap Out Of Me (The Reason May Surprise You!)

So far, September has been a very busy month. Besides the Free “Create a Lucrative Ripple Effect” video training series, Legoland and kiddo’s b-day, I also got invited (within a span of 2 days!) to contribute content to 4 websites based on the new “Business Soulwork” direction I am pioneering. (Holy crap – this thing is […]

How To Get Paid What You Ask For

Yes, we are told to raise our fees. We are told to create high-end coaching programs instead of taking clients on a monthly basis. All good – the question is, after all the pricing and program designing, are you actually asking for the money and getting PAID what you ask for? If not, all those […]

{{ Expert Hangout }} How To Run Your Virtual Coaching Program

In this expert hangout, I interviewed Diahana Barnes on how to use online tools to run a virtual group coaching program. She is the author of the ebook “How to Design Virtual Coaching Workshops” in which she shows you how to use the various online tools and how to structure your virtual program – including […]

Did “Marketing” Killed Your Fire For Your Business? (aka, Death By Marketing)

Have you had this experience… you started out doing something in your business with passion, with fire. You tried to do it justice by learning all the business and marketing stuff on how to make it work, make it better, make it reach more people, make it make you a living… etc. (Whatever that training program […]

How To Integrate Your Intuition With Your Business

Coaches, by nature, are very intuitive and empathetic people. They can deeply “feel” their clients, which enables them to go deep and create impactful transformations. Even though being highly empathetic has some “downside” that can hold some people back from fully “getting out there” (I wrote about it in this post), it can also be turned around and […]

How To Confidently State Your Price, Banish That Awkward Silence In Your Sales Conversation, And Get Paid What You Ask For

Want to learn how to Get More Clients with Ease? Join me for the Radiant Living B Summit and I will show you How To Confidently State Your Price, Banish That Awkward Silence In Your Sales Conversation, And Get Paid What You Ask For. Get your ticket here.

{{ Expert Interview }} Mastering Thyroid Imbalance for Health Coaches

For this installment of Expert Interview, I chatted with Robin Arutt – Clinical Herbalist, Certified Health Coach, and Thyroid Expert. After struggling with thyroid health personally, I understand how important this knowledge is because most of the time, thyroid imbalance just makes us “feel off”. Unless you know to request a full thyroid panel, a regular […]

How To Overcome Fears When Overhauling Your Business

Writing From The Trenches: After declaring “slideberry Has To Die” I have been doing a lot of work to overhaul my business – branding, messaging, what I do and how I do it, where I ultimately want to be and what I want this business to do for me. I want the new iteration to be about […]

Contrast and Contradiction

I love Contrast and Contradiction. They make you look harder. They make you see things you normally (sometimes intentionally) overlook. They highlight, they shadow, they call you out. They challenge the “what is.” I used to bum around with my Nikon FM2 (it used film, remember those? FM2 is a beauty – completely mechanical and you […]

Don’t Push the Boundary

JUST CROSS IT ALREADY. I built a business that was profitable from the get-go. It generated a very decent full-time income (it hit the 6-fig mark in 18 months) while allowing me to work 25 hours a week, hang out with my little monkey, do yoga in the morning, chase after my bigger monkey after […]

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