6 Steps to Boost Print Ad ROI

Print Ad Is Not Dead Yet. Funny I am saying this because I am all about online marketing… but that’s true. Print ad is a great way to bridge offline and online marketing, where you can deepen your relationship with your potential clients and generate a sale. Print ad “hangs around” – the piece may […]

How to Overcome Price Objection

I was listening to an audio by Matthew Kimberly on selling over the phone and he talked about how to overcome price objection. (Matthew Kimberly is a sarcastic Brit coach who lives in Malta and curses in his email newsletter… I like to sort out a variety of people to follow so I get difference […]

The 3 C’s of a Revenue-Generating Day

So, what does a productive, revenue-generating day look like? Here is the 3 C’s I will include in every work day to make sure that I am productive and focusing on income-generating tasks and projects: Client Care and Client Acquisition Make my current clients happy is my top priority. Why? It’s more economical to get past […]

Is Your Marketing Driven by Tech? Yes? Wrong Answer!

Here is what drives me nuts… People who are stuck with launching their programs, products, or even newsletter (or a free gift to grow their list) because they can’t figure out the technology part, or the technology that they have access to (or know how to use) currently does not support what they want to […]

WEALTH + HEALTH + HAPPINESS + FREE Resource :: There is an APP for That!

I want to make it easy for you to promote and share this opportunity with your peeps with some FREE resources. Besides the done-for-you article that you will get right away when you sign up with my link, at some point in February, I will also be releasing a ready-to-go 3-email sequence for promotion and […]

Get Your Mailchimp Sign Up Form onto Your Website

A while back I posted how to get your freebie onto your website to entice sign up. I got some questions from folks who want to know exactly how to set up their sign up forms in Mailchimp – so here is a brief instruction (note: you can click on each image to see full […]

Make a Custom Facebook Fan Page Tab Image – 10 Minutes, $0

You have a Facebook Fan page, and you even have your email sign up hooked up to a tab… awesome! BUT, you don’t like how the tab image looks- generic picture from your newsletter service provider. You know you can do something better – like, actually call out your free gift to entice sign up! […]

The Opportunity Cost of Not Taking Action

As I was writing the post on how Kerry, a new health coach started her successful business even before she graduates, I really want to make sure that my peeps understand the COST of NOT TAKING ACTION. It’s not just about making $0… it’s about losing the income that you can potentially generate if you […]

How a New Health Coach Started Her Successful Business Before Graduation

Kerry Fleckenstein of Green Fields Health and Wellness is a new health coach who will be graduating from IIN on March 2013. Much kudos to her, she did not wait until she “knows enough” or even graduate before she “Gets Out There”. As of right now (Jan 2013) Kerry is already working out of a space in a […]

Sales Page Secret: How to Sell the “Features” of Your Program (My Geek Revelation)

I often do this geeky thing, without me even realizing, when I open packages of things that I buy – even for baby bottle and toddler toothbrush – I read the “features” on the packaging. In fact, as a kid growing up in Hong Kong with Chinese as my everyday language, I learn a lot […]

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