Me, the Gremlin Slayer

A couple of weeks ago, I was talking to my business coach about revamping my coaching offerings. When we got to the pricing bit, I fessed up that I felt uncertain, shaky, scared, butterfly in the stomach  I knew there was some mindset work I needed to do before I could tackle the “practical” piece of […]

Behind the Scene – My Product Launch Plan

“Product Launch Plan” – that’s the fancy way of saying it! In February, I designed, created (as in, write and compile all the materials), marketed and launched the ROCK YOUR DETOX Program Launch System, with a brand new affiliate program to boot, all within a 2-week period. No, I did not work day and night […]

Day In Life Of Your Friendly Neighborhood 6-Fig Biz Coach

… is much less glam than you think. With a 3.5-year-old and a 6.5-month-old (both sons!!), I smell like sour milk and feel very lucky if I don’t trip over toy cars on any given day. {Activities in Italic are the ones that actually move the business forward} 05.45 – Mr. 6.5 mo thinks sleep is overrated. […]

3 Principles + 15 Months = 6 Figure

A few days ago I shared my updated “About” page and got some great responses – including folks who asked me how I brought Slideberry to hit the 6-figure mark in just 15 months, while having 2 kids and working 25-hour weeks. There is no “get rich quick” scheme. There is no magic potion. There […]

3 Newsletter Success Tips

I have an awesome list – loyal, high quality and responsive. My newsletters make me money. But it does not happen by magic. Effort has gone into building a relationship with my peeps and cultivating the “like, know and trust” factor to result in high open rate and high conversion rate. I can go on and […]

Uplevel Your Success Consciousness

Your words influence your thoughts and your thoughts create your reality. If you make a negative statement about a situation, you lock in the undesirable reality. Your subconscious mind influences your decision and action. It ia also “trained” to find an answer when asked a question. Change your words, change your thoughts, and you can change your […]

Boost Sales with Glowing Testimonials (7 Questions You Can Use)

Social proof, such as testimonials and case studies, are powerful tools that will help you sell your products and programs. They will also boost your expert status. Always include relevant testimonials on a sales page. If you are launching a new product or program, you don’t need testimonials that reference directly to that particular product. You […]

Explode Your List – Website Not Needed!

When people tell me they are not ready to promote their work because they are waiting for their website to be all set up and pretty, I get angry. Yes, a website is your “homebase” for your online marketing, but this tech bit should not hold you back from starting. The ONE THING you should […]

Mailchimp Taught Me a Life Lesson

Be mindful of your thoughts and your words – your point of view and your belief system create your reality.

4 Email Formatting Tips to Make Your Newsletter Rock

You have great content in your email newsletter – good news! BUT, if the formatting of your content does not encourage people to read your newsletter, it’s doing you no good – zip, zero, zilch. So, here are 4 things you want to pay attention to when it comes to formatting your newsletter. No graphic […]

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