Get Out of the Rut – What’s In Your “Survival ToolBox”?

Getting into a rut or feeling stuck is par for the course when you run you own business. Sometimes these moments, feelings and emotions are great hints on what you need to work on, what you areas of improvement can be. Embrace them, see what you can learn from the experience, but also take action […]

How To Expand Your Reach + Get More Clients Without Changing Your Niche

Let’s say you are an expert in gluten-free lifestyle. And your sales message is “gluten-free diet”. Who needs your service? Let’s image this pool of 100 people who are intolerance to gluten. BUT, not all 100 of them are aware that they are intolerant to gluten. So let’s say 30 of them are aware. Now, […]

Don’t Charge What You Are Worth (+ Get Confident Stating Your Price)

“Charge what you are worth” has become a very commonly used phrase among business coaches. (it’s so cliche…) Here is the thing. The money people pay you has NOTHING to do with your self-worth. In fact, if you tie how much your clients are paying you to the idea of “what you are worth”, you […]

8 Advance Persuasive Elements For Killer Sales Page

We have heard enough from sales page gurus on bringing up your prospects’ pain and twist the knife when writing sales copy. Nothing wrong with that (I teach that to me clients too), “fear” can be a powerful motivator. However, “fear” can only take you so far in terms of effectively persuading your readers – and you […]

Not Getting “Yes!”? 5 Tips To Troubleshoot Your Sales Message

You offer great programs. You are super confident that your clients will get great results that will change their lives forever. You have kick-butt sales page, you do awesome presentations. You manage to paint a vivid picture of what people will get when they work with you. You dig into the challenges of your niche […]

How To Keep Up Your Momentum

I am not the complain-y type. I believe in personal responsibility and I am super mindful not to fall into the trap of victim mentality. But, if I may share with you, the month of May has been a rough one. There have been days when I felt I needed a fork lift to get […]

The Million Dollar Question

Recently I have some really awesome conversations with folks who signed up for my complimentary strategy sessions. <<Stephanie M. told me afterward that she would pay a few hundred bucks for that kind of sessions and the AHAs she got. If you haven’t grabbed yours already, head over here.>> I love to start the conversation with […]

Mindset Upgrades For Successful Discovery Sessions (= More New Clients!)

A targeted agenda is of course imperative to having a successful discovery session (you can sign up to get the FREE Success Tool Kit for my simple yet effective discovery session agenda template). However, a key component that is very often not mentioned in most trainings is the Money MINDSET and BELIEFS  – which affect the energy that […]

Want to Have a Lucrative Product Launch?

Get Coaching & List Engagement System From Me For FREE ($677 value)! I am so happy to introduce you to the “Natalies” – Natalie Sisson and Natalie McNeil. They are the co-creator of WE (Women Entrepreneur) Mastermind and they are awesome when it comes to launching products and programs. I joined WE Mastermind last year, and during […]

Supplementing Your Coaching Income By Incorporating Products You Believe In

by Alison Price Although we can all agree that no “magic bullet supplement” can replace a clean, wholefoods diet, there are certainly excellent natural products available to support health. For example, it may be that your client has a specific need for extra antioxidants, requires some detox support or maybe they can’t stomach the thought […]

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