4 Fundamentals To Enrolling High-Paying Clients Like Gangbuster

This comes from someone (yours truly) who loves online marketing, is pretty darn good at that website business and has built a thriving biz entirely on the interwebs… To enroll a boatload of high-paying clients, you don’t necessary need a killer website with all the bells and whistles, and you don’t have to be a social […]

Want To Start 2014 With a Bang?

Yes? Grow Your List NOW. People do that New Year Resolution thing. A majority of the population probably have “lose some weight” or “get healthier” or “eat better” on their lists. You want to position yourself right there, under their nose, as the bearer of the solution of their biggest challenge or their deepest desire […]

Get My $277 DONE-FOR-YOU List Engagement System For FREE!

You want to stop “pounding the pavement” and build your business online so you can reach more CLIENTS, have more FLEXIBILITY and earn a great INCOME. You need a high-quality, responsive LIST You want to get out of the 1:1, hours-for-dollars business model by offering products and programs so you can leverage your time, effort […]

3 Ways To Get More Clients On LinkedIn (Less Than 15 Minutes A Day)

If you are not “sure” about LinkedIn, read this last post in which I shared why you want to be on LinkedIn, and how to find your ideal clients there. There are many ways to use LinkedIn to make valuable connections and attract your ideal clients. These 3 that are pretty easy to implement, and […]

How To Find Your Ideal Health Coaching Clients On LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great social media platform for connecting with your target market if they tend to be working in the corporate world, are professionals or in the employee-related line of work. It allows you to share your content, establish your “expert” status and find potential JV partners.   Why LinkedIn? The user demographic of […]

3 No-Cost Handy-Dandy List Building Tools

I am always on the lookout for tools and tactics to grow my list. There are a bunch of “real estates” on your website you can leverage to promote your free opt-in gift and get more people to sign up for your list so you can build that “like know and trust” factor. During the past […]

The Fastest Way to Make Graphic Text For Your Blog & Social Media Posts

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Get $30 Store Credit For DONE-FOR-YOU Programs, Presentations, Articles & More!

TIME SENSITIVE :: Offer Goes POOF! on 9/12/2013! Sneaky Peak: Slideberry is about to launch a comprehensive affiliate program. And I want to make it GOOD, real good. Better that the goodest. As part of the support, affiliates will have access to a collection of testimonials to use in their promotions. If you have purchased any […]

Three Bean Sprouts Walked Into My Kitchen…

This post is “serious” stuff – it’s about “giving up” and “sticking to it”. But the inspiration all started from seeing the three bean sprouts in my kitchen… I am no green thumb. In fact, I never managed to keep a plant alive since… I moved out of my parents’ house for college. That would […]

Decision. Commitment. Trust.

A while ago I made the DECISION and COMMITMENT to invest a 5-figure sum to work with my  coach. Of course, when I was faced with that decision, a lot of thoughts, feelings and emotions came up. At the end of the day, all the stories and excuses boiled down to “Do I trust myself […]

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