*THIS* Could Get You All the Clients You Want

A little mindset trick: ALLOW YOURSELF TO HAVE IT So often we say we want something, yet our subconscious mind is fighting tooth and nail to keep us from having it. Clients, money, love, success, fulfillment… What do you have to let go of so that you can have “it”? Limiting beliefs, old identity, caveman-like […]

How To Cure the Bright Shiny Object Syndrome

We all hope for that “silver bullet” that will solve all our problems. We chase after our tails, in circle, in the form of hiding behind training after training, hoping the new program we joined will deliver that secret sauce. We have a tendency to not TRUST that we have it in us, that we […]

Is Something Missing From Your Business?

Some weeks ago I had a crisis. I was knee-deep in “doing” stuff for my business. I fell into the “comparison trap” and felt crappy about myself because I was chasing after what I “should” do. One day I woke up and lost it. “I am suffering… why am I doing this?” I looked back, […]

The Difference Between “$100 Per Month” vs. “$3,000 For Six Months”

When Josie first started working with me in the Platinum coaching program, she was charging something like $80 per session. After a couple of months on getting clear on her market, her expertise and her message, we honed in on her program and she raised her fee to $2,500 for a 4-month private coaching program […]

Must Read :: The Prosperous Coach

I was reading this book called The Prosperous Coach… and before I knew it, my kindle book was loaded with highlights! This book is so awesome that I am recommending it to all my clients… Here are some highlights I want to share here today – some are practical strategies on how to grow a […]

Are You Working In Your Zone Of Genius?

When I first started slideberry, I did quite a bit of website work for my clients. When I helped my clients put their website content together and then do the build work for them, I realized  I am really darn good at the strategy and marketing stuff. I could geek out on it all day […]

5 Steps To Getting Your Marketing Calendar DONE :: the Pain-Free, Low-Tech Way

Here is the formula: Signature System + Sales Funnel + Stickies = Marketing Calendar 1. Signature System The steps in your signature system will inform the type of content you will be creating. Everything you put out in the world should stem from your signature system so your message and offerings are focused and coherent. Read […]

The TRUTH About Your Marketing, Website, Program, Sales Page, Pricing…

IT’S NOT ABOUT YOU!! I found myself repeating this concept to my clients all week – whether they are working on their marketing, their sales page, their programs, their pricing or even their mindset. So I take it as a sign that I should share this with you as well. Your Marketing Message Is NOT […]

How To Write a Blog Post In 20 Minutes (Or Less)

I just wrote a 600-word blog post (and submitted it to article directory) in 20 minutes. I generated 4 blog post ideas while sweating in the steam room yesterday. I bang out sales pages for fun. I don’t have any magic formula (except I type fast) – English is not even my mother tongue. I […]

Train Your List To Start Buying From You While Getting Paid :: How To Work the $7 Info Product Magic

{{ 12/1/13 update}} I just attended the Black Friday Bootcamp presented by internet marketing big wigs Ryan Deiss and Frank Kern. Ryan Deiss’ topic was on optimizing a complete sales funnel (the big thing – “you don’t have a traffic problem, you have an offer problem”) and he presented the idea of a “Tripwire” offer […]

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