Stop “Trying” To Be Awesome. BE Awesome.

I had an awesome coaching session with my lovely client K. yesterday. We did a lot of work on her inner game, and she has been making huge progress. At the end of all  coaching sessions, I give my clients assignments and action steps that will move them forward on their path of having a […]

How To Become a “Natural” In Marketing

Many coaching clients come to me “hating” marketing. They don’t know what to do with this “part” of their businesses. They are confused, and they are afraid of doing the “wrong” thing. There is a LOT of preconception about “marketing”. Most people see it as something outside of their core competence of being a coach, […]

How I Signed 4 Clients in 4 Days “Heart & Guts” Style

During the past months, I have been doing a lot of inner work – to get clear, to find ME. It has been a long process that came to a much higher intensity recently. I have decided that I am not just here to grow this business, my business has to contribute to my growth […]

The “Get More Clients” Jedi Mind Trick :: How to Banish that Awkward Money Talk Silence

Every “enrollment conversation” or “discovery session” or “closing the deal” training will tell you to shut the hell up after you state the price of your program. Be quiet, and let the potential client speak first… don’t say a thing! Ok, sounds fine in theory. But if you have conducted more than one of such […]

Boost Your Expert Status and Visibility With Kindle Blog

Got a Blog? Become a Published Author In 72 Hours (or less) If your blog has a RSS feed function (most blogging platforms do), you can publish your blog to Amazon Kindle and the process is super simple (I did it in 20 minutes with 2 kids creating mayhem behind me on a Sunday morning). […]

My Kid, His Legos and Your Coaching Business

My 4-year-old is super-good with legos – we got him a couple of sets designed for 7+ and he was pretty much able to figure them out by himself (with a little help from mommy). One morning he was building some house on wheels completed with computer, TV and other fixings, when his little brother […]

How To Pick the Right Technology Tools For Your Coaching Business

A lot of my coaching clients came to me intimidated by all the choices out there when it comes to “technology”. Many coaches I know end up in analysis paralysis instead of taking action and growing their biz. To zap overwhelm, do not go about reading and researching anything and everything without knowing what YOU […]

How To Maximize Your Content Marketing Effort Without Having To Write All Day

You probably understand the power of content marketing – it helps you build relationship with your community (the “like know and trust” factor), boosts your expert status, increases your exposure and visibility, drives traffic to your website and is an integral part of a well-designed program or product launch.  However, the challenge many people face is […]

How To Set Up Your Online Group Coaching Program

Running an online group program is a great way to leverage your time, effort and expertise so you can reach more people and generate more income. (Download your FREE “Create a One Month Program That Keeps On Giving Start Kit – $69 value – here) Many coaches I work with are aware of these benefits, […]

The Conscious & Productive Way To Wrap Up the Year

This is the introspective time of the year. Business and busy-ness slow down. The shorter daylight hours and the longer darkness invite us to quiet down and look inward. My yoga teachers have been conspiring with a big dose of Yin Yoga. It is an ideal time to look back at the past year and […]

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