Are Your Potential Clients Listening To You? Create Demand for Your Services.

We have heard a lot how you have to sell the BENEFITS of your products and services to make people buy. Yep, all good, except you can only tell your audience the benefits of your products or services after you get their ATTENTION. To get people to listen up, you need to tell them the WHY – why they should read on, why they should listen to you, why do they have to take action now…

To get some attention, you would want to build awareness to the problem at hand before you present the solution. If your audience is not aware that they have a problem, they will not be seeking the solution (i.e. products and services that you provide) – and you won’t have the demand for your products and services.

Tell your audience why they should listen to you – tap into their emotions and explain how the problem you are discussing, if not resolved, can have negative impact on their people’s short- and long-term health and their lifestyle, and what resolving this condition can mean to improving their health and wellbeing – and even other aspects of their lives that they find to be important. Here, you need to do some target market research and really understand your target market’s biggest challenge and desire so that you can tap into those areas.

To lead into the solution, you can paint a vivid picture of the “before” and “after” scenario (maybe with your own story) to help people relate to the outcome and be inspired to take action.

Want to get the most out of your sales page and workshop presentations? Check out these easy to use templates here.


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