Are You Working In Your Zone Of Genius?

When I first started slideberry, I did quite a bit of website work for my clients. When I helped my clients put their website content together and then do the build work for them, I realized  I am really darn good at the strategy and marketing stuff. I could geek out on it all day – get me on the phone and talk, baby! The “build” stuff? Ok, I am good at that, but if I have a load of those lined up, I would not be too happy because they actually required my energy. They took up the time I could use to coach more clients, help them with strategies and marketing – and of course, I can command a higher fee with those services because there is only one me who coaches business and marketing the way I do… quirks, warts, and all.

A month or so ago, I got an email from a former client who had worked with me briefly on some website stuff. She was looking for assistance in setting up her new website. I felt a contraction somewhere, and I had a moment, just one moment, of should I, should I not? Then I came to my senses.

I am committed to focusing my effort on my Zone Of Genius.

Things that I am so darn good at. Things that charge me.
Things that will move me forward toward my vision.

With that realization, saying “No” was a no-brainer.

At that moment, I decided not to let the scarcity mindset take over. I decided  I don’t have to help everyone with everything so I can be “liked”.

I wrote back, gently but firmly communicating the direction I am taking my business and share with her a resource she can use. She wrote back saying “looks like you have ‘moved up’.” I wrote back, “I just decided to spend more time in my zone of genius.”

I don’t see coaching people is a “step up” from helping people set up their website. It’s comparing apples to oranges. I have all the respect for those who can bang out a pretty wordpress site in no time – although I do all my website updates (because I like to compose while designing my pages), I can’t “code” my way out of a wet paper bag.

It was a decision to spend more time doing things that fuel me, that bring me closer to my vision. I CHOOSE to play in my zone of genius because frankly, I was pretty darn good at my J.O.B. and I got paid 6-fig for sipping tea in an office. What’s the point of having my own business (and giving up health insurance!) if I am not having fun?

That day, I have learned to say a gentle but firm “No” so I can create more space in my mind and in my world for peeps who can use my genius to come into my life.

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