Are You Missing This One Thing In Your Compelling Story?

I have seen quite a few well-crafted bios that tells a compelling story, serving the purpose of connecting the health coach/wellness practitioner with the audience. I do find one thing that is often missing – after the compelling story, the practitioner’s credentials and trainings are just simply slabbed at the end of the story, like an afterthought, without the level of care and intention that the story was crafted under.

If that’s you, you are missing an opportunity to sell yourself and your service. As you are showcasing your training and your credentials, why don’t you use this as an opportunity to tell your audience how your training are relevant to solving their problems, making your offerings unique and/or distinguishing your services from your competitors? Does your training in different fields allow you to combine a few modalities into a unique approach? Do you have other life experience that lends a unique approach to your coaching?

What can you do to make the string of letters behind your name more than just a bunch of nonsensical alphabets?

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