Adding “Done For You” Service to Your Offering

Slideberry, of course, base our offerings on “done for you” presentations. But you can apply the same idea to other parts of your practice.

Here is some ideas I glean from Linda Claire Puig, adding my own take on how the methods can be applied to holistic wellness practitioners:

And when you add “done for you” materials to your business, you instantly increase your value, which attracts more clients and enables you to charge more for your work.

Your done-for-you offerings could be:
1) products or services that you sell outright
2) additions to your programs that add tons of value, or
3) freebies you give away to attract more prospects to your list.

Start by asking these two main questions:
1) What does my market need or what would be super-helpful?
2)What do my clients have a hard time doing or getting around to?

Here are just a few ways you may be able to incorporate DFY into your offerings, along with some examples. Use these to jumpstart your own creativity.

Create templates and/or spreadsheets
These can be fill-in-the-blank worksheets or ready-made forms. Let’s say you’re a fitness coach. You could create a document that helps your clients keep track of their body measurements, fat loss, water consumption, etc. Or if you’re a weight loss coach, you could create a food journal template to help your clients cultivate mindfulness around their food intake.

Interview and write
Write emails, letters of introduction or other things. For example, after your discovery session with your client, you can write for them a powerful personal wellness vision statement that will guide their programs with you.

Interview and record
Same as above, but think of ways you could put the information you glean in the interview into a recorded format. The recorded interview could be posted on your client’s website or used as an opt-in freebie or offered as a podcast.

Create scripts
For the specific work you do, you have words for things your clients and prospects struggle to say. This can be things that they need to say to get out of relationships that are draining their energies. This can be things that they say to themselves to remove blockage.

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