Who the Heck Am I?

15 Months | 6 Figures | 2 Babies | 25 Hour Week

I am very lucky to have “found” slideberry – a sweet spot where my mission, passion, creativity, expertise and inner geek can reside under one roof, while rocking the ripple effect to help a ton of health coaches get more clients, reach more people, and do what they do best.

Slideberry went from just a tiny idea/side project to a 6-figure business in just 15 months (with a $200 marketing budget) – during which my big monkey turned 3 and started school, while my pregger belly became a noisy bossy 6-month-old. I am working 25 hours a week, and rarely pick up the phone until I am done with my morning yoga practice.

It’s not about pounding the pavement and killing yourself day in day out.

It’s about having clarity, taking inspired action,
implementing focused strategies and loving life so it will love you back.

Proud mom to an awesome lil’ monkey, I am all about efficiency and leveraging my time and effort so that I can work less earn more – without compromising quality.

I don’t have a rags-to-riches kind of story to tell… sorry! Before diving into entrepreneurship, I was an over-educated, under-inspired New Yorker with a cushy J.O.B.

I have done architecture, graphic designs, photography, somehow needed more intellectual stimulation, started devouring Harvard Business Review and landed in the world of digital marketing.

I was so good at my job that I got away with working 40-hour weeks in the high-strung New York ad agency environment making a 6-figure salary. But something was missing. I felt bored. I knew there was something else – a purpose, a vision.

I started knitting and that was not the answer. It was depressing.

Long story short, I did a Master’s of Science degree in Holistic Nutrition, went onto get my professional training at IIN and started my health-coaching practice. Not long after that, I realized I was really good at putting content together – in fact, I love it! I was also very frustrated and sad to hear that my fellow health coaches were held back from getting their message out there with their marketing because they either don’t have the time, they just simply don’t like to write or they have trouble orchestrating all the knowledge in their heads into a program or presentation that will generate revenue. Slideberry was born out of a mission.

Of course, the entrepreneurial journey is rarely smooth sailing.

There were demons, hiccups, and hard drive blow-ups.
There were babies.

I had my many moments of doubt. I was not sure about the path I was taking – giving up all my education, training and corporate career to start something that my parents won’t “get” (the “high-quality done-for-you materials for health coaches provider” label doesn’t quite fly). My husband asked me, every month, “so when do you think you will be bringing in money?” (yo, look who’s talking now!)

I had a breakdown every other night on the kitchen floor – in between 2 glasses of wine.

But, I know that, deep down, this is my ticket to the freedom I so desired.

Freedom with a sense of purpose.

With my pig-headed single-mindedness, I poured all my yarn money and a whole lot more into learning everything I can about marketing, building a business, and success mindset.

And not just learning all the strategies and theories – I took action. Massive, rapid action. I did not wait until anything is perfect to get it out the door. It was 15 months of “rapid prototyping” – a series of trial and error, of successes and failures.

Here I am, telling you it’s possible.

Between toy cars, yoga practice and poopie diapers.

What Do You DESIRE?

p.s. I want to ROCK YOUR WORLD – find out how.

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