6 Ways To Showcase Your LOCAL Expert Status On Your Website

When I conduct any consultation, the first questions I ask are about my clients’ business model, how they want to work with clients and what do they want their businesses to do FOR them.

Some of my clients realize that they enjoy working with people in their communities through in-person coaching. This doesn’t mean that they can ignore their online presence. Nowadays, most people will research online before they decide on purchasing any products or services of significant investment – so be prepared that they will look you up online.

If you want to work primarily with local folks, you want to highlight your LOCAL EXPERT STATUS. This can be your unique selling proposition that distinguishes you from the rest of the pack on the “world wide” web.

Here are a few tips to help you position yourself as the go-to “Local Expert”:

  • Photo – instead of a formal headshot, take pictures of you “in action, in context”. E.g. shopping in the local farmer’s marketing, leading a tour in a local health food store.
  • “About” page – on top of your compelling story, share your tie to the area and your relationship with local businesses to position you as a knowledgable resource.
  • Programs page – besides the usual 3-month, 6-month programs, highlight services that require “in-person” components – e.g. health food store tour, farmer’s market tour, cooking demo…
  • Events page – create a page to feature your local workshops, speaking gigs and other appearances – don’t be shy! You want to be “everywhere”.
  • Resource page – create a page to feature local partners (you can exchange space on websites). Be sure to write a paragraph or two on why you recommend those services and how they can benefit your clients.
  • Blog and newsletter – write about local events and resources to provide up-to-date and relevant content to your market.

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