6 Steps to Boost Print Ad ROI

Print Ad Is Not Dead Yet.

Funny I am saying this because I am all about online marketing… but that’s true.

Print ad is a great way to bridge offline and online marketing, where you can deepen your relationship with your potential clients and generate a sale.

Print ad “hangs around” – the piece may be left on the kitchen counter for a while, on the dinning table, or in the magazine rack. Aunt Betty may pick it up during her visit, or neighbor Rosemary may see if when she comes by to borrow thyme.

Don’t ask your print ad to do too much for you – especially if it’s just a small square. Use it as a lead generation magnet – to collect contact information so that you can follow up with those who are interested in what you have to offer.

Using print ad to generate lead that you can follow up with is a big thing for Dan Kennedy (the grumpy old dude who is the granddaddy of direct response marketing, who gets paid $100,000+ to write a campaign… he’s gotta be doing something right). So here is what you can do if you place an ad on print materials/publications:

  1. Make sure the publication is targeted to your market. You don’t want to waste impression that you are paying for. Say, your target market is busy moms. You may have a better ROI if you place an ad on the local parenting magazine, rather than placing an ad on some “natural health” magazine.
  2. Create a free gift that is relevant to your target market, with a catchy title, and hook it up.
  3. Set up an “invitation page” or landing page – in which the only action the visitor can take is to enter their information to get the free gift. Usually the URL you get from your newsletter service provider is long and/or non-sensible. Use URL shorteners such as tinyurl.com to create a custom URL that is easy to remember. If people type in the URL wrong, chances are they will close the window and move on, not going back to the print ad and find out what the right URL is. So you lose a prospect.
  4. Now you create copy for your ad. People DON’T care about your name, your title or your logo – which means putting your business card info/design on the ad is not going to do much. You are going to grab attention by telling people you have the solution to their problem, and they can get it for free. Enters your free gift. Make sure you mention it’s FREE.
  5. Your copy can look something like this: “FREE Special Report: [catchy title of your free gift that speaks to the challenges of your niche] Go to [insert your shortened URL] for Instant Access.” This copy should take up as much space as possible (assuming you are not taking out a 1/2 page ad).
  6. In small print, you can include some info about you – name, title etc. – but just now that people don’t care about this unless they know that you hold the solution to their problem.


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