6 Common Mistakes Health Coaches Make with their Facebook Pages (and how to fix them)

By Sean Flanagan 

1)     Barely using your fan page but posting tons of health content on your personal page.  This is all well and good when it comes to delivering value to people who are your friends – assuming you’re not being obnoxious about it – but you’re really limiting how far your messages can get if they can’t get out to the larger public. While your sister-in-law might hit “like” whenever you post something about spinach, you’re much more likely to convert 1 out of 200 fans of strangers than you are to sign up a family member or friend. Use your personal page to network, provide value with people who you already know – and do this sparingly.   Your real marketing platform on Facebook should be your fan page.

2)     Not growing a fan page at a consistent rate. Growing your page NEEDS to be a high priority. If you’re posting every day and have had 150 fans for the past 3 months, sure that MIGHT help you convert a couple of those fans into clients. For the long haul though, it’s a numbers game. As a general rule, you need to consistently generate 50-200 fans for every new customer or client – assuming you have all the other aspects of effective Facebook marketing in place .   That means 10 new fans per week is just NOT going to cut it.

3)     Feast-or-famine posting. Being silent for 3 weeks and then saying ‘I’M BAAAAACK!” and posting 5 times a day will make very FEW people think you’re cute and charming – it will make you look scattered and unfocused. People respect consistency.  Being viewed as reliable is critical for being perceived as a professional. Be consistent. 

4)     Relying exclusively on the messages of others to communicate to your audience.  Yes, that picture of the vitamins in kale is pretty cool, but if you’re posting the same images that every other health person is posting day-in day-out, you’re just going to look generic. Instead take a stand – speak from your heart, your experiences, your observations…. be yourself.  And THEN, use different images and quotes from others to REINFORCE your message.  Use other peoples’ messages to give your messages more “backup” – not as a substitute for presenting yourself as an authority.

5)     Not expressing any personality.  I kinda touched upon this with the above post… you need to be yourself… or at least a certain version of yourself.    Likeability is everything and if you don’t reveal any aspects of your personality, you’re not going to be very likeable.   The flipside is as you express more of your personality, you’re going to turn some people off. This is a good thing. Separate your ideal audience from your non-ideal audience by being as authentic as you can possibly be. You want to work 1-on-1 with people your personality will mesh with rather than clash with – so THOSE are the people that should be following you.

6)     Having no plan for serving non-local potential clients. If you’re going to do this whole internet thing, you really shouldn’t be painting yourself into a corner of only being able to serve people within driving distance. Come up with a way or two on how to serve people who are in your target market but who are not local with you. Phone, skype, email, webinars, etc.…there are lots of options.

Meet the author

Sean Flanagan is a Health Coach and the creator of the “Facebook Marketing for Health Coaches” program, a complete top-to-bottom approach on how to get more fans, grow your email list, and generate revenue in your business. Get his “Facebook Marketing For Health Coaches” digital guide here

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