Pinteresting… 5 Ways to Use Pin Alert + 3 Things You May Have Miss

5 Ways to Use Pin Alert

Want to see who is talking about you in the world of Pinterest? Check out Pin Alerts. Similar to Google Alerts, only for Pinterest. It will email you every time your website gets a new pin on Pinterest, and help you keep an eye out on your competitors, so you can:

  • Gauge what’s most popular on your website and what your visitors are most interested in
  • Do competitive research – find out what others in your industry are pinning and what type of content is well-received in your niche
  • Find potential joint venture partners
  • See how your target market view your products or services by reading the descriptions
  • Associate an image with a blog so you can know how your articles are being shared


3 Things You Might Have Missed Pinning

  • Videos – your new and existing videos on YouTube and Vimeo can be pinned directly onto Pinterest
  • Photos of your events or events that you have attended – if that’s your own event (e.g. a cooking class, smoothie demo) you can ask your attendees to repin
  • Cover picture of your ebook or other information products (link back to web page where people can learn more and purchase), or book cover from your Amazon store (again, link back to your Astore)


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